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Doom mod in progress.

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Custom compilation doom mod in progess, cant figure out mapping but learning as i go. videos to watch, and lots of features including a lots of random spawning. max hp at 250 , or 666 by soul sphere / random health bonus (5 different ones can randomly spawn), as i like random hehe.


weapons test early beta part1


a hud shot and vid of the 7th key, randomly could spawn anytime any key could at a very low chance.
The White UAC Skeliton key, Can open any lock.


a video of the 5 armors

almost all the basic monster spawn a newer version or random version, also havig a very low change of spawning a random freindly. (theres 5 freindlys that can randomly spawn, Bassic assult rifle marine, shotgun marine, chaingun marine, walking sentry turret, or the wolf 3d german shepard)

sample of new death states per weapon weapon type

lots of monsters,weapons,amd artifacts all randomly spawn anytime there paerent item ( shotgun, ssg, chaingun, poss, spos, health bonus, amour - 5 types in game ect ect) could spawn in a map. also rare to encounter random freindly marines who drop the uniqiuer weapons.

and just for the hell of it a preview of the hiden alterd sword....

just a fun thing i have throught toget from a pool of reasources, 90% of the sprites are NOT mine, the coding is 85% mine.

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I hate weapons mods that come out like this. Don't get me wrong, you may have put a lot of effort into this. The only problem is that we've seen hundreds of mods identical to this one and I wont be bothered to play this one. we need more original weapon mods like Zero Tolerance and Diaz.

TDA said it the best. Move along, nothing to see here.

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