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Tastyspleen TastyCast!

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Just wanted to drop in and give you guys the heads up about a little community Quake\Doom radio station hosted over at Tastyspleen.net, the major North American Quake II community. It's mostly music right now, at least until more content comes down the pipeline to fill up time slots.

Most of it isn't Doom-relevant, but a good portion of the playlist is Doom music and assorted remixes\remasters, such as the OCRemix albums, kristians stuff, Neurologicals metal covers, Mark Klems' remasters, and some of the original midis.

Tune in for some fun tunes and coverage, and if there's any corner of Doom remixering that I've missed, give me a heads up.

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Well, "all" might be a bit much, since there's a lot of crap out there. But there's the Painkiller battle sounds, some Duke in there, all of the Quakes, Doom of course... That's really the bread and butter of it. Any specific suggestions? I'm drawing a blank for fps' besides those that had awesome music. At least, stuff that's high-energy enough to frag to.

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