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Return From Oblivion map 27

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I'm having difficulty obtaining the red skull key in RFO map 27. It is at sector 4683. I have managed to get to this column that the key is on, but do not know how to lower the column ... well I assume it must be lowered.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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That sector has tag 107, so after checking in the scripts you can see Script 16 activates sector with tag 107. Then after searching all linedef actions that activate scripts, it looks like you have to press two switches (linedef 814 & 904) to lower the red skull platform.

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I was wondering if it had something to do with those two switches close together. The problem for me is ... when I do use those switches, every time the sector above the player - sector 5626 - crushes the player to death. :(

UPDATE ... I see now. The idea is to quickly hit the second switch and strafe left or right to escape the lowering ceiling. I should have checked for this ... thanks TOD.

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