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I've been thinking about trying a new editor out...

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Like the title says, i'm thinking of looking into a new editor. I typically use wadauthor, but, it seems to take forever to make lots of detail, often making me spend an hour or so on the first room of a wad. I have had experience with DETH.

BTW, it has to have some kind of config file available to allow editing with sourceports for 3dfloors (preferably EDGE)

Well, anybody who thinks they know a better editor than wadauthor, throw me a suggestion. Thanx in advance.

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Guest Fanatic

I like DOOMCad, but it takes just as long to make good stuff. It's a line based editor (e.g. you draw everything).

But I like the control, even tho it takes longer.

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IMO, DOOMCAD doesn't exactly "draw". More like DEU really - relatively awkward to use in that mode.

DeePsea either draws (for detailed work without having to bust prefabs apart) and/or work with prefabs for times that makes sense. Besides that, for EDGE, it has the unique built in ability to Edit and Save any EDGE specific text files right back to your WAD, e.g. DDF stuff.

Select the EDGE project and modify the EDGE.OPT file to add any custom changes made (that's the text format configuration file).

If you are used to DEU, then the menu popups and quick method of setting stuff will be very familiar:)) Press F11 for a list of all the keyboard shortcuts.

Btw, the current version is 11.1 available at www.sbsoftware.com The copy here at DoomWorld is the older 11.01.

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