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Having Texture problems.

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K, well it seems that when the stairs activate on my map, the side textures, go out of alignment. I tried and tried to fix it, but i can't.

Here is mah map.


The stairs are going up into the exit room, just look at the side textures when the stairs activate. Of course, this won't show in 3d mode, but it will when you test the map.

Also for some reason, when i go to export mah map, it says the node builder failed to build the required nodes. Wtf is up with that??

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Thanks. Btw, could you provide what you did in steps, so that when i make another map with steps, i know what to do??

Im only a newbie at making maps.

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On further examination yours is more correct than mine. The final 4 sectors are supposed to be facing outward. I tried yours again and the walls did not scroll. Why ? I dunno ! I would suggest giving lines 83 and 96 Y = -16 and lines 90 and 97 Y = -8 alignments.

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