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(G)ZDoom bug

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This applies to doom in doom format.

If a sector has the secret bitfield 128 AND a lighting type/effect the lighting effect does not work.

And this ...

Applies to this wad ...


Notice the difference in speed in the scrolling sky for map 27 between software and hardware modes. Also try this with map 27 ... Give yourself all keys ... go to sector 868 and place the 3 skulls in their receptacles. After the cutscene look down into the pit and compare software and hardware modes.

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Can you please report such things in the proper place? If I don't manage to check this in the next few days, which is likely, it may get lost.

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I tried I don't know how many times yesterday and today to register on the DRD forums without success. I kept getting "the confirmation code you entered was incorrect" I have never had any problems with those type of antispam letters/numbers before elsewhere.

If anyone on the DRD forum can verify the issues reported here feel free to report them on the DRD GZDoom forum.

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When i make more than one 3d floor under water (e.g. pipe or ladder) only upper looks normal, others rendered with only flats. I make in this case water alpha equal to zero, and to make water surface visible i place translucent sheet where is water level is. But this is stupid way because gzdoom render 3d floors very slowly and i don't want to see ghost traces each time when i look on them. In legacy port (which render 3d floors much much faster, about twice) i don't have render bugs like that. I tried all posible ways to solve this problem, and looks like he must be fixed only by the developers.

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