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DDF in other source ports

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Is it possible to use DDF in other ports? It seems like DDF is the best Dehacked file replacement available, so it seems reasonable that DDF should be used more often. I know that some port-specific technologies, like FraggleScript, are now relatively standard.

On other topics, I'd like to see more port standards. Boom is the only real one across more than a handful of ports. Fragglescript is a good standard, used by GZDOOM, Eternity, and others. As a matter of fact, the whole of Eternity's doom spec would be a good enhancement as kind of a "Doomspec 3" because Eternity is so good for wad authors.

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Well, actually Eternity no longer supports FraggleScript, and AFAIK hasn't for years now, due to it having its own scripting language now and due to stability issues with FraggleScript.

And no, modern sourceports generally all have their own different ways of allowing modifications and additions to the game. Eternity has EDF, the ZDoom collective has Decorate, and so on. Bad for inter-port compatibility, but allows the different ports to allow for expansion in the departments that each port specializes in.

As for new cross-port mapping standards...the new map format being used by ZDoom/GZDoom and Eternity (and hopefully other ports), UDMF (Universal Doom Map Format), might help with that.
The base 1.0 spec for Doom in UDMF format (i.e. the basics that all UDMF-compliant ports must support) is essentially Boom and MBF features only, but there is the possibility of other features eventually becoming standards for a hypothetical UDMF 2.0.

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Regarding FraggleScript, let's just say that it's neither a standard nor even a good scripting language. The only reason GZDoom supports it is to be able to run certain Legacy mods.

After having worked extensively on its code I know the weaknesses inside out and even though I fixed most of the stability issues that plagued older implementations that doesn't mean that all is well. For example, FS never had a proper expression evaluator and for compatibility I haven't changed that yet.

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