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How do I animate textures? (eg: AV red portals)

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I've imported the red portals from Alien Vendetta into a wad I am currently working on. How do I get them to animate?

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How many animated walls are available and how they start and end is all normally hard-coded in the executable.

In AV, which is vanilla compatible, they replaced the DBRAIN* textures (the lava-like hole on the boss forehead), which are animated. They added some other textures in between to allow all the graphics to animate (the animation starts with DBRAIN1 and ends with DBRAIN4, using anything placed in between in TEXTURE1).

Another method to add new animations is to expand animated textures by adding patches to one side, and then aligning the texture when placing it in a map so that the desired portion is shown on the particular wall, and other portions are not displayed. In AV, the animation starting with GSTFONT1 works this way.

Various source ports also allow new animated walls to be added directly. Anything Boom compatible should allow this, for example, using an ANIMATED lump.

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