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Was Metroid supposed to be an Alien's movie?

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Playing the game again for the first time. I am realizing things now that I probably didn't when I was 8. Ridley looks like an alien and to a lesser extent, so does Kraid. Sure they are on an alien planet, therefore there must be aliens. In Ridley's area it has the resin that the aliens produce. Actually Ridley's name is pretty close to Ripley.

Samus was sent to find Metroids that had come from a planet named SR-388. Aliens was on planet LV-426. From a race known as the Choso that gave Metroid the name for Ultimate Warrior. She was hired by the Choso to hunt down the Metroid. Like how Ripley was brought back to the planet to help the marines. Well surviving 2 encounters with Aliens and winning both times, I'd say hire her.

Metroids latch on to Samus's face. Just like the face huggers. Although the design of the Metroid came from Icarus who had been the previous game the makers of Metroid had made.

Finally, female protagonist that escapes before it explodes like almost every Aliens. To top it off she does strip down to her underwear in one of the endings just like Ripley at the end of the first Alien movie.

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I'm afraid that you said DOES make sense.

Now, mister nintendo, make the damned metroid movie once and for all.

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geo said:

Actually Ridley's name is pretty close to Ripley.

Not to mention RIDLEY Scott directed the first movie.

Yep, somebody call the copyright police.

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Heh...even if I was never a fan of Metroid that was an interesting read. It could very well be that the original intention was making an official Alien game, but somewhere along the way the copyright deities just fucked up. Weren't there initial plans to base Doom on the Alien franchise, too?

I suppose this sort of backstory could apply to other very obvious look-alikes, e.g. Rastan Saga vs Conan the Barbarian, Momoko 120% vs Urusei Yatsura, and possibly others.

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Oh yeah and the hanging winger things in the original Metroid, one of the first enemies explode when you shoot them. Sorry that I was the last to notice this.

While there was nothing wrong about Metroid legally back in the day, there was an update to the copyright infringement laws that specify "something can feel like what it is a copy of and be illegal," and not just look similar to it.

Doom was going to be an Aliens game yes.

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