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Invalid declarator?

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Hi, I am trying to flesh out some code for my yellow armor item. When I try to compile it I get an invalid declarator error.

Here's the peice:

Actor YellowArmor : BasicArmorpickup 4500
  inventory.pickupmessage "Picked up the light armor."
  inventory.icon "MHYAB0"
  Armor.Savepercent 33.33333
  Armor.Saveamount 50
    MHYA A 6
    MHYA B 7 bright
Here's the error:

Line 3 in file "\Downloads\SLumpedEd\ACC\DECORATE.acs" ...
\Downloads\SLumpedEd\ACC\DECORATE.acs:3: Invalid declarator.
> actor
> ^

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