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Contra: chapters [1-2]

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Two years ago, a meteorite had crash landed within the heart of a remote jungle. Scientists said that it was just another trivial meteor and nothing more. That meteor was the vessel carrying a new life form that would turn into the greater threat than Earth could ever imagine. It carried with it a single cell organism that rapidly mutated by Earth’s pollution in the year 2631.

Eventually it was able to multiply and then attach itself to living hosts. It merged with people to the point they were bonded forever. This is how a local militia known as the Red Falcon came into power with an intelligence that put a strangle hold around the equator and threatened to destroy the world. No one had known how the Red Falcon got its advanced technology; no one could fathom an alien presence behind it all.

Within the heart of that remote jungle is where the Red Falcon calls home. The militia’s area spans dozens of scattered islands with multiple bases. GX army sent in an elite and aggressive commando force to each island instead of a full scale assault. The GXers would lose a war with the Red Falcon and the brass knew it, which is why the commando force came to the Galuga archipelago. If they were caught or killed, the pentagon’s stance was to disaknowledge them. They were as good as dead being sent into the home turf of the Red Falcon.

One of the larger islands had a team of ten men, and one of them was embroiled in rescuing his comrad. His hair was blonde and his face covered in blonde stubble. He wore a heavyily armored vest and was decorated jungle themed green cammoflauge from head to toe. His cammoflauge was no longer warranted though, because he was deep inside a Red Falcon base.

Covered in blood, stained in grease, he had been the only one to make sure his comrade came back home alive. He had a debt to repay. The debt he owed was his own life, and to repay that debt he had already killed plenty.

The commando sat still and surveyed the situation in the giant room. There was his comrade, hooked up to a giant machine that must have been seven meters tall. His comrade was in a chair, strapped in at the wrists and feet, too weak to hold up his own head. There were four thin hoses draped from the tall ceiling attached to his head at points that made a square.

Without seeing any danger, the blonde commando swiftly made his room to the torturous chair his comrade was in. Being out in the open made it look like a trap, the room was too big without any cover. It smelled of ambush in a room with two wide entryways, but without seeing any evidence he had to act.

The commando grabbed his comrade’s face so he could get a look at him. The comrade was dazed, unaware of what was going on. The blonde commando told him, “Snap out of it.” It was a no go, his comrade’s mind was hazy. He was covered in sweat and blood that seeped out the bottom of each hose on his head.

He gave his dark haired comrade a slap across the face as he whispered, “Get up, so we can get out of here!” His comrade’s brown eyes opened and he muttered, “I have a headache.” As he said that, the commando began to untie the restraints that bound his comrade to the chair.

The commando uttered, “We’ve been in worse and made it out alive. Now you get up.” It was a blatant lie, but his comrade was so out of it, he would not know to call him on the lie.

Once all of the restraints were removed, the commando hesitated as he looked to the four hoses attached to his comrade’s head. It didn’t look pretty and the blonde commando wondered if he removed the hoses, would he kill who he fought so hard to rescue.

Instead he took a different approach and asked the groggy prisoner, “Who are you?”

The raven haired prisoner responded with his head held up and his eyes barely open, “Code name Scorpion, R.C. dash zero one one. I already told you.”

“Good,” said the blonde commando as he gave his comrade a gentle slap, “Now who am I?”

The prisoner became extremely angry, his expression grew intense, “Falcon commander James McTavert.” His anger increased and he screamed, “Why am I here?”

The commando asked again, “Who am I?” He grabbed his comrade’s face and said, “Open your damn eyes.”

With his brown eyes open, he replied, “I don’t know.”

After that was said, the blonde commando showed his soldier tattoo of a bulldog smoking a cigar. Beneath the bulldog was text that read, “Guns don’t kill people, I do.”

The prisoner’s expression lightened up and he almost cracked a smile as he uttered, “Fuck. What are you doing here Mad Dog?”

“Settling a score by saving your ass,” said Mad Dog, before he asked, “Think you can walk?”

“I can carry your ass out of here,” uttered a half coherent Scorpion.

Scorpion tried to pull himself up off the chair, but Mad Dog told him to, “Sit back down.”

The dark haired prisoner commanted, “No, we’ve gotta go. McTavert’s gonna come back soon.”

Mad Dog’s face looked to follow the hoses to see where they lead to. He then asked, “What did they do to you?”

“They stole my thoughts,” uttered Scorpion as he sat back in the chair, “I couldn’t stop them. Its their machine.”

Mad Dog grabbed one of the hoses and tried to possibly unscrew it from Scorpion’s forehead. He asked, “How the Hell do I disconnect these?”

Unseen from the shadows called out someone in a local accent, “You cannot.” Mad Dog swung his head to look back to the voice. Scorpion rased his forehead to look at who had said that.

Scorpion was uninterested, and lowered his head again. A man decorated from head to toe in a grand red uniform stepped out of the shadows and into the light of the room. He kept his head hidden in the darkness and said, “Where are your manors R.C. dash zero one one? Introduce me to our new guest.”

“Mad Dog,” said Scorpion, “This is the asshole keeping me here.” He then added, “Asshole, this is Mad Dog.”

The blonde commando jumped in, “I’m the guy that’s gonna kill you if you don’t tell me how to get him out of here.”

Four armed soldiers stepped out from the shadows and lined up next to the commander. Two soldiers on his left and two on his right, all four soldiers with their guns pointed at the two men. They stepped into the light further than the commander so the two prisoners could see their headgear.

Each soldier was decorated in black with hints of red and white armor plating. They wore sleek helmets with visors over their eyes and noses that helped them with their accuracy. Covering their faces were masks.

“Before you kill me,” uttered the commander in red, “Just know that you will need to shut off the machine before you get him out of here.”

Mad Dog barked, “How do I do that?”

“I am getting to that,” said the commander, “You will need those codes from me to shut down this machine. That is to say shut it down without leaving him brain dead. Scorpion found out the sting of our technology.”

The commander ordered, “Drop your weapon before I have you shot in the knees to get what I need.” Mad Dog was forced to ditch his standard issue rifle and drop it to the ground. “Kick it away,” ordered the commander and Mad Dog was forced to comply.

Mad Dog stepped between the commander and Scorpion to ask, “Now tell me; what’s the code?” He then cracked his knuckles and wondered, “Or am I gonna have to break every bone on your body until you tell me?”

The commander asked, “Where’s your helicopter?”

“One,” said Mad Dog.

“I know what is on Scorpions mind and I know you are not alone,” said the commander, “Where are the others?”

“Two,” said Mad Dog as he loosened up his neck and shoulders ready for a fight.

Scorpion raised his voice, “Don’t Mad Dog.”

The commander yelled, “Take him alive!”

One soldier ripped a cannister off of his gear and it caused gas to stream out. The soldier then rolled the cannister toward Mad Dog and it spun on the floor. The commando kicked the can asside as he was rushed by all four soldiers rushed with their batons out. Each baton was black and could extend at the push of a button.

With laughter the commander remarked, “I’ll have that information very soon.”

“So will I,” commented Mad Dog as he took out the first soldier with a boot to the gut. The second took an overhand punch to the visor that made the soldier a crumpled mass on the floor. The next was grabbed by the arm by Mad Dog so the soldier would give up the baton. Mad Dog then kicked out the soldier’s knee to drop him to the ground and the hardened commando snapped the soldier’s arm, before he used the baton to bash the forth soldier’s neck.

Mad Dog then threw the baton at the commander’s shins and the force sent him down to his hands and knees. The blonde commando grabbed the grand commander and interlaced his own arm with the commander’s. One wrong move and the intense Mad Dog would snap it.

He screamed for everyone, “Stay away or its his arm then his neck that I break.” Then he screamed down into the commander’s ear, “Now what’s the code?” He used his leverage to control the commander’s entire body that was kept off balance.

The commander’s face remained hidden from Mad Dog, but the soldiers could clearly see what the commander wanted. All four soldiers pulled their guns off their back and took aim at Scorpion in the chair.

Mad Dog saw where they were going and flug the commander into the chair with Scorpion, then spun his body around and slammed his heavy left fist into the side of one soldier’s helmet. Gunfire was sent everywhere as the soldier’s momentum spun him to the ground.

The next soldier received a huge knee to the face that bust through the black mask. Mad Dog then yanked the soldier by the armor to the floor where he then grabbed his rifle off the ground and aimed it at one of the soldiers.

One by one he shot the soldiers before he threw the gun to the ground and yanked the commander off the chair. Mad Dog screamed, “What’s the code?” He could hear the commander’s heavy breaths as if he were having an athesma attack. Then Mad Dog commented, “You don’t look so good chief.”

The commander’s skin was a pale blue and Mad Dog noticed the eyes were black like a shark’s. Then Mad Dog saw the commander’s mask down from his face and asked, “What the hell are you?”

Scorpion said, “They’re aliens.”

A meaty fist smashed into the commander’s face and he screamed, “The code!”

“There are no codes,” laughed the commander, before he looked to the wall and said, “You merely pull that switch to turn off the machine.”

Mad Dog threw the commander against the wall and pressed his boot into the commander’s back and said, “Pull it.” With that said, the commander pulled the heavy switch down and the machine powered down. Mad Dog could hear the machine cycle down until the only sound in the room was the silence of death.

Scorpion pulled each one of the four hoses out of his head. Each one had a small sharp point to keep the hose in place. There were dark bloody red rings from each hose and with each hose off, Scorpion groaned in pain.

After Scorpion was freed from the machine, Mad Dog asked, “How do you feel?”

He replied, “Like I’m gonna wake up screaming every night if I don’t kill this fucker.” With that said he tied a thin strap of red cloth around his forehead to conciel the wounds.

Mad Dog kept the commander pinned up against the wall and said, “Consider it therapy.” He then turned his attention to the commander and asked, “Are you really an alien?”

The dark haired commando confirmed it, “They only look human. They’re some freaky hybrid. Between the two of our species.”

The commander’s black eyeball blinked just before he said, “I am Red Falcon.”

Scorpion picked up a gun from one of the dead soldiers and said, “No you’re dead.”

The commander knew something that they didn’t though. “What are you waiting for?” wondered the commander, before he ordered, “Kill them!”

The two commandos looked toward one of the doors as soldiers opened fire. In a sheer moment of panic the commandos bolted from the room out of a second open exit. After running corrodoors in a fire fight both men weren’t sure they’d see the end, the two would be prisoners found the motor pool.

Assault vehicles, jeeps, personell transport vehicles and ATVs were at their disposal. There was just one catch, finding the keys to the correct vehicle with hostiles all around them. There were mechanics working on vehicles and soldiers on patrol in the garage they found themselves in.

It was quiet, there was no chaos, nor did anyone know Mad Dog and Scorpion were in there. That was at least until the sirens began to blaire and red lights lit the area. The commander’s voice came over a loud speaker, “To all personell, be on the alert for two intruders. I no longer want them alive. Kill them and bring me their heads!”

The mechanics perked up from jeep engines. Other mechanics rolled out from beneath of personell transporters with curious looks on their ugly mugs. That is when one of the assault vehicles started to roll. Panic ensued as soldiers leapt up onto the small armored vehicle on treads. The assault vehicle was lightweight, and built for pushing forward with a single side mounted cannon. The driver was exposed to the world with no cabin. If it were possible for the assault vehicle to roll over, the driver would instantly be killed.

Scorion was on the platform like back of the assault vehicle. He was completely exposed to gunfire, so he was flat on his belly and his gun in his hand pointed toward the head of anyone close. He asked Mad Dog, “Have you ever driven one of these?”

“Not since I was five,” screamed Mad Dog over the squeak of the tracks, before he yelled out, “Hell no man!” With that said Scorpion defended the assault vehicle with violent force. Bullets were sent into soldiers and mechanics alike.

The tank squeeled forward toward the garage doors with a swarm of enemy soldiers crawling up the side to bring Scorpion down. Soon enough the outside of the garage buckled as it was pushed through by the barrel of the gun and pressed flat by the two ton vehicle.

The commander made it just in time to see the assault vehicle exit the garage. He quickly took a rifle from one of his men and lined up Scorpion in the sights. He uttered, “I have all of the information that I need from you.” As he held his breath he pulled the trigger only to end up shooting one of his own men that ended up between them. Commander McTavert was irate and he didn’t care he had shot one of his men. Instead he walked forward slowly firing shot after shot in a blind rage.

The escape wasn’t nearly quick enough, because soldiers on dirt bikes were after them. The dirt bikes quickly caught up and while Scorpion was able to sting three bike riders with the bullets from his rifle, the final rider slung an explosive down in one of the tracks of the tank.

An explosion left the right track snapped. Mad Dog could tell they weren’t going anywhere but left as he commented, “Cheap treads, should’ve gone with tires.” “BLAM!” the sound of Scorpion’s rifle went off and shot the last dirt biker through the mask.

The two were forced to abandon the assault vehicle in favor of a pair of dirt bikes. Speedy dirt bikes that could get anywhere in a hurry, as Mad Dog yelled, “We’re going to the rendevoux point.”

Scorpion took one of the bikes off the ground, as he wondered, “Where the hell is that?”

Mad Dog extended his arm to point the general direction, “Don’t be surprised if they’re gone.”

“They wouldn’t do that,” yelled Scorpion as he spun the dirt bike into position and reloaded his rifle.

“Sure they would,” yelled Mad Dog, “I told them I’d only be gone twenty minutes.” Then as he reved up his own bike to set off, he yelled, “And that was an hour ago!” With that said, he took off and Scorpion followed.

Two dirt bikes making noise with their high pitched engines that left a trail of bad gasoiline stinking up the air. More dirt bikes and two jeeps were quickly on their way behind them. Commander McTavert was a passenger in one of the jeeps. Each jeep was armed with a standing machine gun.

With a head start the two bikes tore through the dirt road of the jungle, one following the other. However, the soldiers knew the lay of the land and soon caught up and fired their automatic weapons at Scorpion.

The chatter of gunfire could be heard even over the whine of the dirt bike’s motor. It was a distraction to Scorpion who looked back and when he looked forward again, there was no Mad Dog. The dark haired commando had no choice but to roar forward down the path in the hopes to find his comrade.

Two dirt bikes kept hot on his heels as Scorpion tore through the jungle down a hill. Eventually, both persuers had to look behind them. They could hear gun fire that was not theirs. Single bullet fire that wizzed past each dirt bike. It was Mad Dog hot on their tails, he had stopped to let them get in front. Mad Dog muttered, “You cats chase that mouse and the dog is here to pick up the cats.”

His bad aim on a dirtbike had him quickly out of ammunition. The two persuers split up. One stayed after Scorpion, the other slowed down and pointed his gun at Mad Dog. As the blonde streak approached the soldier pulled the trigger of his gun only to get clubbed by Mad Dog as he rode past.

One down, but there were still jeeps on the way. Mad Dog caught up to the second persuer. This time, his persuer was so consumed with catching Scorpion, he never noticed Mad Dog come up behind him. Mad Dog stuck his rifle into the spokes of the dirt bike that sent the vehicle end over end into a tree. It broke the soldier’s body in two.

Scorpion let Mad Dog catch up so he knew where he was going. Eventually the jungle opened up into a clearing of almost an acre. There was their ride, a green transport copter along with their commander waving them in.

They ditched the dirt bikes near the copter and ran the rest of the way.

The happy commander yelled, “You got your boy back!”

Mad Dog yelled, “I thought you said you’d take off!”

The commander slapped him on the back and said, “And I thought you said you’d only be twenty minutes.” Directly after that was said, his head threw back with a bullet hole straight through it and blood smattering both commandos.

They turned around to see McTavert behind the barrel of a machine gun. Mad Dog pushed Scorpion inside the helecopter as it began to lift off. A gunner appeared at the side of the helecopter and returned fire to the jeeps at the edge of the jungle clearing.

Scorpion climbed aboard and held onto his commander Mitchell. Mad Dog yelled to his comrade, “We’ve gotta leave him!”

As he clutched onto Mitchell, Scorpion yelled over the sound of the helecopter blades, “I’m not leaving him! You don’t know about the experiments they’ll do on him!”

Mad Dog tried to ease Scorpion, “Let go man! Its not gonna be his his dead weight or our asses.”

The green helicopter soon got out of range of the jeep that had the insane McTavert firing into the sky with a shrill yell of anger. The side gunner pulled his gun into the copter and slid the door shut.

Mad Dog yelled, “How many made it?” There were five miserable faces that stared back at him. One was badly injured and didn’t look like he would make it, because he was being held together by duct tape. Another was shot in the shoulder and winsing in pain.

Scorpion wondered, “This is it out of twelve?”

The helecopter shook and dropped a tiny bit. Mad Dog ans Scorpion went to the front of the helicopter in the cockpit. There was black smoke in giant puff balls all around the helecopters. The helecopter pilots remained calm as one of them uttered, “Anti-aircraft guns.”

A large explosion of smoke errupted in front of the copter that probably shook the bolts out of the plates. One of the pilots was killed instantly as shrapnel shot through the window of the cockpit. He was chovered in glass and blood, the other pilot was injured, but trying to keep the whirlybird a float.

Sirens and all sorts of alarms were going off, as the pilot yelled, “Get strapped in! We are going down and this isn’t gonna be pretty!”

Scorpion looked out the side of the helecopter and wonder, “What the hell is that thing?” On the right side came an astounding circular jet. It was disc like with a cockpit in the center. It was made of dark metal and covered with red lights on the side.

The side door of the helicopter slid open and the gunner was in position to shoot down the bogie. Then the disc like jet tilted its body and dropped behind the helicopter. Mad Dog commented as he got strapped in, “This isn’t gonna be pretty.”

Scorpion strapped himself in and said, “I hope there’s enough pieces of me to mail my wife.”

Mad Dog yelled to his comrade, “I hope there’s enough pieces of me to mail my dog Rex.”

“Yeah she’s one hot bitch,” retorted Scorpion.

“So’s your wife,” laughed Mad Dog as the gunner fired off a few rounds at the jet to little avail. The copter was going down and the gunner had no chance of shooting down the beast of a ship.

Suddenly the night sunsetting sky lit up a bright red. There were no screams, but a ray of red light had split the gunner in two, dividing his head from his body. It was a laser that had completely soddered the wound closed. The gunner’s body dropped back into the copter infront of all five men. One of which began to vomit at the sight.

Another bright red ray lit up the twighlight sky and severed the tail of the helicopter causing the body to spin as it went down.

The pilot yelled, “Brace for impact!” With that said the helicopter was battered amongst jungle tree tops before it slammed into the ground. The body crumpled and wrecked as it began to turn sideways, then roll over smashing the blades.

There were screams and bodies flying as the flying machine did barrel rolls on the ground and broke off pieces on trees along the way. With the door open, the men could see the outside world. The ground, the trees, the sky, but as it continued to roll, it turned into, ground, trees, sky, ground, trees, sky, water, ground, sky, water. The copter was rolling toward the edge of the jungle plateau.

After bone jarring revolutions of the helicopter’s body they had stopped. The only catch is that it had stopped upside down with the open exit pointed toward the edge of the cliff. The nose and cockpit of the helicopter had been smashed in so badly that if either pilot was in one piece, that would be a shock.

Two commandoes died on inpact. Mad Dog pulled out his knife to cut himself free while Scorpion unbuckled himself. Outside of the open door, the commandoes could see the disc like jet soar past them and slowly bank as it tried to line up the helicopter for another attack.

Mad Dog dropped down from his seat and Scorpion was the next to follow. The other commandoes were still struggling, and one was unconscious from the impact.

With his knife, Mad Dog began to cut down one of his comrades, while Scorpion looked out the open door. First he looked down to the water from the cliff. Then he looked up to the sky and said, “Ah shit.” He could see the disc like jet curve in the sky with a trail of black setstream behind it.

Mad Dog yelled, “If its bad news, I don’t want to hear it!” Scorpion came back and grabbed Mad Dog by the arm and yelled, “We’ve gotta go!”

The blonde commando barked back, “I’m not leaving! We all go home or nobody does!”

Scorpion didn’t take that as an answer, “The mission is too important to fail.”

“Look around Lance,” yelled Mad Dog, “The mission failed! Our only mission is to survive!”

Scorpion then dragged Mad Dog to the opening of the door with Mad Dog struggling all the way as he yelled, “We can save them!” With that said, Scorpion yanked the two of them backward, out the opening and down the cliff to the ocean below. Just before the disc like jet unleased a fury of red lasers that cut the helicopter to shreds moments before it exploded, causing a hail of wreckage.

The two living commandoes plunged back first into the water from one of the highest cliffs on the island. They were followed by flaming parts of the helicopter that streamed out of the sky. As for the disc shaped ship, it continued to search for the two commandoes in the water.

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I am honestly shocked someone read through it :-)

What were the parts that you enjoyed?

I wrote about 5 more pages of it this morning. It seems like even getting to Stage 1 of the jungle is a feat in and of itself.

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I enjoyed the dirtbike chase the most. The story itself has some really cool, and rather violent fights. :D Most importantly, it all fits together.

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My current long running fan fiction is Kid Icarus where a kid is in Hades making his way out with an angel. Despite the fact its set in Hades, its cute and charming.

Commandos are violent to get the job done. I wanted something violent, plus Contra was a violent game. Not bloody, just kill 'em all. So kill 'em all the Europe versions of the game portray the commandos as cyborgs and they are fighting other cyborgs. Killing robots is seen as less violent apparently.

I had to cut out some violence. The tank was supposed to run down a soldier and crush only half of him diaginally. The commander walked over and shot his soldier in the head. I took it off, cause it took away from the pace.

I am just thrilled someone enjoyed any part of it.

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Heh, I didn't know they cencored the european version of that game so much. Good idea balencing it out by not adding in senseless parts that do not belong. This story never has a dull moment, but keeps things in a sort of realistic atmosphere.

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I'm happy still someone read, and the next chapter is the same. Eventually people will get burnt out from action action action. I have a Mortal Kombat story that's all action and no rest.

I would upload it, but its my 55 year old aunt's surprise party so I'm over there.

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I can't decide how to end the "Jungle" chapter with the wall. Realistic, two men getting through the wall through guerilla combat or all out guns blazing 2 men vs the wall. They've already gone through so much in t he Jungle chapter.

Its 20 pages now.

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Pretty darn good, and the only Contra fan fiction I've ever seen to boot. I noticed a few grammatical/spelling errors, but, overall, I thought it was well written. I like the take you took on Red Falcon's origins (I believe they're just alien invaders in the game's storyline, not hybrid mutations from a meteorite as you've implied). I found the banter between Mad Dog and Scorpion was enjoyable as well.

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Compliments are much appreciated from someone as prestiegious as yourself MnM with all of your action figures.

I looked at fanfiction.net... there are no other Contras, because there is no Contra section :-) I would think that my grammarmatic would have picked up on the grammar errors. I did notice I did spell commandoes, with an E a few times.

There are 3 mythos to Contra. Kontroba (Japan) says its in 2633 in Australia (of all places) from a metiorite that crashed 2 years earlier, Contra (US) says its at the Mayan ruins in 1989 from a metiorite that crashed 50 years earlier, Probotector (Europe) says that they're robots... The later Contras said that the aliens fused their DNA with humans or anything else. Contra III is the real aliens invading, not just human / alien hybrids. Super C says they're bodies are taken over.

I will have straight up aliens later on. I'm giving logic to all of the FLAWS of the game.

To top that off... I need to fan fiction for a game that has 2 jungles... followed by a snowfield!!! How does that logic fit in there? Snowfield next to a jungle. I already thought of a brilliant way around it though :-)

Good banter means a lot, its what makes buddy action movies of the 80s.

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This is incomplete, I'm thinking about taking out some things or rewriting most of it to make it shorter. Tell me what you think.


The entire island was angry with the invading commandos. An army of thousands with enough alien technology to blow a hole in the Earth down to its core and they were angry with a few invaders. Down a steep cliff to the murky dark water below were the only two survivors if you could call them that. They were good as dead.

One commando’s head emerged from the water. Scorpion’s long dark hair was draped over his face until he flung it back. He looked around franticly, first for the disc shaped jet, then his comrade. There was no sign of either.

Scorpion’s body rotated as he plunged back under the water to look for his partner as a continuous rain of wreckage came down from above. After a moment, he had to come up for air again. He frantically looked around for his comrade.

Suddenly, Mad Dog’s blonde crew cut came out of the water with a gasp for air. He coughed out the water in his lungs and said, “I had to drop my damn body armor to the bottom.” With that said he opened his eyes and focused them on the person next to him. Mad Dog muttered, “How the hell are ya?”

Scorpion yelled, “I’m over here!” Mad Dog looked infront of him into the murky water to discover it was a frogman. A scubba diver had found them and quickly submerged back under the water.

Mad Dog muttered, “They know we’re here!” Both commandos began to swim for the beachhead near the cliff they had just fallen from. Another frogman emerged his head from the water, the commandos were being watched by half a dozen frogmen.

The two commandos swiftly swam to the shore as if they were in a race against one another. Between them and the beachhead was three hundred yards. Only swimming an ocean would be a challenge for these two, or three hundred yards and a submarine.

A parascope rose between the commandos and the beachead. Both commandoes stopped dead in their tracks as Mad Dog wondered, “I sure hope that’s a seamonster.”

Scorpion had to wonder, “Why’s that?”

“Cause I can kill a goddam sea monster,” uttered Mad Dog as he began to swim once again. Scorpion was quick to follow, but soon the rest of the submarine emerged from the water. It wasn’t a giant submarine, it had a crew of eight men and it was stationed at a naval yard.

Its emergance blocked the commandos from the beachhead. Not just blocked them off, but became a shooting range as twin guns began to slowly rise out of the back of the submarine.

As the guns continued to rise, Mad Dog was intercepted by two frogmen. They grabbed him and the blonde commando struggled against them, until finally a knife stabbed one frogman through the neck. It was Mad Dog’s pocket knife. The same pocket knife that he had put more trust into to save his life than even his partner. He put more trust into the knife, because it was at his control.

Blood spurt from the frogman’s neck into the murky water as Mad Dog punched the other frogman in the face. Three blunt left fits and the frogman was unconscious face up in the water.

The rattling sound of gunfire came from the submarine toward Mad Dog who then submerged under the water. Splashes over his head went up from the water, caused by the gunfire. The captain decorated in red inside of the submarine looked through the parascope for Mad Dog.

It was only murky dark water that the captain could see, that was at least until the parascope was suddenly obstructed. It was obstructed by the face of Scorpion’s haggared mug that looked straight in. Although he couldn’t see the captain, the captain could see him and that was more important.

The view of Scorpion’s haggared mug was then followed by the bottom of his boot as it smashed into the eye of the parascope. Another stomp from his boot, followed by a third and then the hatch to the submarine opened up.

Scorpion heard the hatch open. The first officer to poke his ugly blue skinned head out of the submarine was met by combat boot. Gunfire followed at Scorpion as the officer’s pistol went off. With the man’s body half out of the hatch, Scorpion stepped on the wrist that held the pistol. He grabbed the weapon and shot the officer through the neck with a stream of red blood tainting the night air.

The words, “Come on!” could be heard from Mad Dog that was already on the other side of the submarine.

Scorpion then took a running dive off the other side into the dark water. Both men hustled to the beachhead until they finally made it. They both crawled out of the water just as the first mud skipper had when science proved in 2143 that we all evolved from water animals.

Unarmored, Mad Dog’s other tattoos could be seen. Over his belly button in an arch was his code name, “MAD DOG.” On his chest was a woman that he could make dance whenever he flexed his peck. Across his back between his broad shoulders was a tribal tattoo. His other tattoos were scars litered across his body from cuts and bullet holes.

The blonde commando spit a long stream of saliva out of his mouth and said, “Ug, this water tastes like piss.”

As for Scorpion’s tattoos, he had three. At least that could be seen. The first was a ring of barbedwire around his arm, the other was the name of his wife and the last tattoo was on his lower back from when he had part timed as a stripper. Scorpion surveyed the jungle and commented, “Considering its salt water, be happy it only tastes like piss.”

There blood and sweat was washed away and while they may have made it to the beach, they were not safe. Mad Dog stated, “Is it me or are the guns about to point this way?” Both men took off on the beachhead toward the dense dark jungle before the rattling sound of the guns firing at them from the submarine consumed the air.

Soon into the jungle, the men found time to briefly rest. Scorpion mentioned, “I was hoping they’d have the element of surprise by thinking that we’re dead.”

Mad Dog grabbed at his skull and asked, “Why the hell are we still here man?”

“You don’t know what I’ve seen,” said Scorpion, before he elaborated, “They’re aliens.”

Mad Dog almost laughed it off as angst overcame him, “They’re just freaks. I’ve never seen an alien look so human before.”

“You’ve never seen an alien before today,” said Scorpion with a calming tone, “Either did I, but what you and I saw is only the first stage of their development.”

With a laugh, Mad Dog wondered, “Is the second stage little and green?”

As Scorpion checked his wounds, he elaborated, “It’s a lot worse. The aliens bond with humans to take over their body. Then they bond with each other.”

“Don’t we all,” said Mad Dog.

“Not what I mead MD,” uttered Scorpion, “They bond with one another to create one giant alien.”

A flare went off overhead to light up the night sky. Mad Dog wondered, “And you’ve seen all of this?”

“When I was a part of that machine,” said the dark haired commando, “They saw me for exactly who I was. No lies, and I saw them for the truth about what they are.”

The chatter of gunfire could be heard in the distance that caused both men to take off running. No macheties, just careful if not painful treking through the jungle. Snakes, spiders and insects were abundant to make things challenging for the highly trained men.

Soon after they started their run, Mad Dog grabbed his comrade and tackled him to the ground. A path was made above them as a pair of soldiers cut their way through the thick underbrush. Their masks were dark and their faces hidden by visors. It was a terrifying sight so close. One soldier with a machete, the other with a machine gun aimed forward.

The soldier with the machete cut through another patch of thick underbrush and never noticed the pair of commandos hiding. After a few swipes from his machete, he glanced behind him. There was nothing behind him. Not even his ally.

When the soldier looked around for his ally, he was met by Mad Dog’s bold fist smashed into the soldiers face. The large machete was never dropped, but the soldier spun backward straight into Scorpion’s clutches. The dark haired commando lucked the soldier’s face under his arm and yanked back until he head the snap.

The machete fell to the ground, followed by the knees of a limp soldier. Scorpion shoved the dead soldier backward with his boot and then took off the soldier’s machine gun. As he checked the ammunition of the machine gun, Mad Dog walked up behind him armed with the other soldier’s gun.

“These aren’t standard issue,” said Mad Dog, “Look here, there’s a power cell and a charge here.”

Scorpion uttered, “I would say shoot off a few rounds to see what it looks like, but.”

“That’d give away our position,” continued Mad Dog who then looked to one of the dead alien soldiers. He then asked, “What makes them so different?”

With the barrel of his gun, Scorpion hooked the mask of the soldier and pulled it down. He then uttered, “For starters, they can’t breathe in this warm atmosphere. That’s why they wear masks, to thin the oxygen and maybe even breathe something else.” The alien didn’t have pale blue skin like McTavert, instead its human skin had shed to reveal a meaty living corpse.

Mad Dog wondered, “What happened to its skin?”

“This is one of the advanced stages,” explained Scorpion, “In that base, I saw all sorts of these things out of uniform. Maybe it has to do with the special blend of atmosphere they breathe.”

“We need to get back to that base,” Mad Dog boldly stated. With that said the hardened commando walked into the thick underbrush once again.

Scorpion called out, “If you’re thinking of another evac team forget it.”

Mad Dog uttered, “We’re taking back this island in the name of mankind.”

High in the treetops, they were being watched. A soldier decorated in red in a different uniform watched them from the canopy. He asked via his helmet radio and asked, “Should I?”

The voice in the radio chattered over static before finally uttering, “Wait.” The soldier took aim with his sniper rifle and stated, “I was told dead.” The chatter uttered, “Then fire.”

After that was said, his view was obscured by some green foliage and the soldier was forced to scan around for the two men once more. Finally after a moment of scanning the area he could see a glimpse of them. Only a hint of bare flesh.

A bullet was sent through the air when the soldier held his breath and fired. The bullet tore through the foliage to the jungle floor. The soldier calmly scanned again for any hint of them as he spoke over the radio, “They are headed your way.”

Over the radio, the soldier could hear, “I see them.” The soldier could then hear a single sniper rifle fire. He could hear it through the radio and echo over the tree tops. That was followed by the sound of gun fire. A lot of gun fire along with the screaming men.

The soldier was curious, “Confirm?” There was no answer, only static, so he asked again, “Are they dead?” No answer, but after a moment, a grizzled voice came over the radio, “Yeah, he’s dead.” Another voice over the radio said, “If the guns didn’t kill him, the fall sure did.” There was laughter over the radio followed by the crunching sound of Mad Dog’s boot smashing the radio inside the helmet.

Soon after, the commandos came upon a large metal hatch in the ground. The hatch was quare shaped with double doors that were sealed shut within the frame. Scorpion asked, “Anti-Aircraft?” The hatch was large enough to house such a thing.

Mad Dog surveyed it and muttered, “Yeah, and we’d be out of here if it wasn’t for these things.”

Scorpion asked, “Wanna take it out?”

“How we gonna do that?” asked Mad Dog, “Knock and tell them we’re selling girl scout cookies?” With that said Scorpion walked to the hatch and got to one knee. Mad Dog wondered, “What are you doing?”

With a knock, Scorpion wondered, “Anybody home?”

“Let’s get moving,” said Mad Dog.

“No,” quipped Scorpion, “I wanna find out who’s home. I wanna see who blew up our helicopter.”

The night sky began to return to darkness as the flare subsided. Another flare was sent into the air to compensate. The two men could hear helicopters in the distace.

Mad Dog wondered, “Think its theirs or ours?”

“Considering we’re supposed to be dead,” said Scorpion, “Its probably theirs.” The sounds of whirling blades grew louder as Scorpion stood up to look at the night sky. Louder and louder until Scorpion pointed to the sky, “Over there!”

A red light on the side of the hatch lit up, but the two commandos were so intent on watching for helicopters they didn’t notice. Suddenly the hatch began to open with Scorpion ontop. He ran off the hatch just in time to see a large turret raise out of the ground.

“Must be ours,” said Mad Dog. The two men could see a helicopter in the sky in the distance. There were spotlights on the copter and the gun turret began to slowly turn toward the copter. Scorpion wondered, “How do we take this thing out?”

As the helicopter lowered to the treetops in the distance, the turret began to open fire. Mad Dog proclaimed, “We don’t take it out, we just poke its eye out with a stick.” With that said, the hardened commando looked for any way into the turret, but then next to the barrel of the gun he noticed a lense.

There it was, the eye of the turret, right on the mouth of the turret that bellowed out shells that shook the night sky. Mad Dog put his newly aquired machine gun into the eye and began to fire. The turret was blind, but then a second turret rose out of the ground nearby.

Scorpion noticed the second turret and he ran to the location just as the turret turned around to the copter. He first ducked under the turret’s gun barrel to see the gleaming lense and then shoot it blind.

When all of the gun fire stopped, Mad Dog wondered, “See anymore of these gophers around?”

Scorpion stood ontop of his turret and surveyed the area as he asked, “Do you even see the helicopter?” An explosion echoed over the jungle and lit up the night sky in the direction of the chopper.

Mad Dog uttered, “I don’t need to see it to know what happened.” After he said that, soldiers broke through the underbrush into the small clearing they were in. Mad Dog oppened up a suppressing fire as the two commandos were forced to go further away from the helicopter and possible survivors. One soldier was shot in the exchange and went down to the ground.

After a moment of hiking through the brush, the two men happened upon a bridge. A bridge over the murky water. Scorpion wondered, “Go across?”

Mad Dog looked over the area and said, “No go. Looks like a bottle neck.” The bridge was sturdy, solid and made of metal. The two had encountered these bridges before on their mission and Mad Dog was warry of them.

“It looks clear,” said Scorpion as he peered out of a shrub. He then added, “I’m going.” With a cautious run, he took off out of the brush toward the bridge. There were sharp shoals beneath the bridge that made it a notable danger. When Scorpion began to trek across and that is when Mad Dog noticed blinking red lights beneath the bridge.

Mad Dog ran out to warn his comrade, and ran to the bridge screaming for him, “Run!” Scorpion’s boots had missed each of the triggers that would set off an explosion on the bridge, but Mad Dog however ran straight onto the wrong metal plate. A pressure plate that when activated made the red light beneath flash. A mere second after the light flashed, it set off an explosion that blew up a support beneath the bridge.

The metal trembled and shook as one edge began to collapse. As Mad Dog’s boots hit the metal, it was a chain reaction, a second detonation beneath the bridge. It was coming down in pieces. One by one, as Mad Dog continued to race and Scorpion waved him to the other side.

Explosions flaired up beneath the bridge and water splashes went high in the air when the metal fell in the water. The supports were being taken out quicker than Mad Dog could run and eventually he had to take a flying leap toward the end. The final support collapsed beneath the bridge and Mad Dog was left hanging by Scorpion’s right arm. As Mad Dog held on, he was forced to drop his gun to hold onto Scorpions arm.

The big commando dragged Scorpion off and they were left dangling on chunks of bridge that lead to the murky water below. Scorpion was higher on the scrap hunk of metal than Mad Dog. The blonde commando had his knive wedged in the pit of two hunks of metal in order to hold on.

Suddenly a bullet ricoched off the metal. Scorpion looked down to see there was a frogman that emerged from the water. The fall would not kill them, but the jagged rocks would break their bones or lance their bodies.

Another bullet ricoched near Mad Dog’s head as he clung onto his knife and wondered out loud, “What is he drunk? My grand mother could shoot better, and she’s got a glass eye.”

Scorpion above began to toss hunks of metal down. One by one, they sliced down into the water near the frogman as Mad Dog yelled, “Just shoot him!” With that said, Scorpion bent off one of the metal panels off from the bridge railing and threw it down twenty feet to the frogman below.

The hunk of metal rail lanced the frogman down into the water. The only thing left was the end of the railing. As the two looked down, the dark water was soon clouded with red.

As they hung there, Scorpion wondered, “Why would they set explosives on their own bridge?”

“They didn’t,” said Mad Dog, “Our guys did.” It was a true fact, the bridge was waiting for a vehicle to cross to hit the correct plate on the bridge and send it to its doom.

Scorpion clung to what was left of the bridge and reached down to Mad Dog who took his hand. The two commandos climbed up the bridge where both sets of feet were dangling off. Then Mad Dog used his hulking upper body to do a chin up to the height of the bridge and pull himself over while Scorpion put one foot up on the bridge and then rolled over onto what was left of the bridge.

Then there was another explosion. The last bomb had failed to detonate and it sent both commandos rolling down the last chunk of bridge to the rocks below. They both avoided the shoals and went into the water. The last metal panel plunged into the water next to them and had made a steep ramp that went to the other side of the river.

Both men came out of the water and surveyed the remains of the bridge. Chunks of metal ontop of sharp rocks. Scorpion asked, “You alive?”

“I’m trained to be a ghost,” retorted Mad Dog as he tried to climb up what was left of the bridge. It was far too steep for anyone to climb as it was. Scorpion took a different method. He swam to the railing of the bridge and used it to climb the side. Mad Dog took his comrade’s idea and followed him.

Mad Dog was the last to reach the top and when he did, he found Scorpion sitting on the ground with a squad of six soldiers and their guns facing both commandos. Mad Dog took a deep breath and sighed, “My horoscope warned me about this.”

Two of the six soldiers then zapped them with wands that shocked the two men into the fetal position. Any available skin was prodded with voltage that caused screams to fill the night air.

A female solder broke through the pack of guns and ordered, “Cuff them and get them on their feet!” She was notably a female compared to the others. She was not nearly as tall, she was slender, but still in the same uniform of black, red and white. Her chest was bound by uniform, but not nearly hidden from the ranks in her militia.

The six guns continued to point at the commandos as Mad Dog groaned, “Who are you?”

“Your saving grace,” she said from under her mask. Once the commandos were put flat on their bellies, she told them, “You will be Red Falcon.”

“And you will be mistaken,” said Scorpion only to get a gun pushed into his back.

The female soldier’s less than femminine voice spoke again, “Cuffs will make this so much easier.” One of the soldiers used the prod to shock Scorpion into submission.

Mad Dog boldly spoke up as one of the soldiers took cuffs out of a satchel, “Cuffs just mean that I can’t kill your friends in the way I’d like.”

The female soldier wondered from under her dark visor, “Would your brutish ways beat them to death under a rock?” Scorpion’s hands were the first to be cuffed behind his back.

“Maybe, but then I’d have you under me,” said the bold soldier, before he added, “Come on, I’d knock the alien right out of you!” He gazed down across her uniform, and uttered, “I can tell you’re just itching to get out of there.”

“Do not worry,” she said, “If you are itching to get into Red Falcon, you will be brought into Red Falcon.” With that said, Mad Dog’s hands were cuffed behind his back.

The party then stood the men on their feet and walked off into the brush with the female soldier leading the way with her curvy form. After moments of traveling through the jungle she had inadvertently lead them all to the barrel of a gun.

She slashed her way through the jungle only to stare straight into another soldier’s gun. A voice behind the soldier said, “You were supposed to kill them.” It was McTavert, who then asked, “Where did you think you were taking them?”

Four of the six soldiers drew their weapons and pointed them to the one that had his gun pointed at her head. Suddenly, the female soldier used her machete to slice through the barrel of the gun and yelled to McTavert, “I do not answer to you!”

McTavert couldn’t be seen and after the solder’s barrel was cut in half, the sound of levers being flipped could be heard. That sound was followed by bright lights straight ahead of them along with the shadow of McTavert. He stood tall, dark and wore his hat befitting a man of that command.

“I am in command on this island,” said McTavert, “And your men follow my orders.” There were dozens of shadows around the seven soldiers and two commandos.

The female soldier barked, “Red Falcon is my command!”

With laughter and amusement, the commander said, “Red Falcon speaks through me. I am Red Falcon.”

Mad Dog whispered in Scorpion’s ear, “Sounds like an identity crisis.”

The female soldier uttered, “I’ve been ordered to take a party and collect them for Red Falcon to see.”

“Red Falcon is not on this island,” laughed McTavert, before he uttered, “Kill the commandos, then kill these seven traitors.” The six armed soldiers opened fire all around them toward the spotlights that were on them and to the shadows of men that threatened them.

There was machine gun fire, followed by the breaking glass of the lights and screams of men. Shadows quickly disappeared and bodies hit the ground, including two of the six men surrounding the commandos.

As for the commandos they ate dirt when they hit the ground to avoid the gunfire. Scorpion then slipped his legs past the cuffs to put the cuffs in front. Mad Dog followed his lead.

The female soldier tried to dart ahead past McTavert’s guardian that had his gun in her face. McTavert merely laughed as she tried to cross over his guardian that held her body in place.

She then swung her machete at McTavert’s face, which caused more of a stir from the commander. Soon a swarm of soldiers overtook the party. The machete was pried from the female soldier’s hand and her soldiers were slaughtered. McTavert commanded, “Punnish them for disobeying me, but keep her alive, so that way I can teach her personally to never betray me.” The night air grew silent once the killing had stopped.

The commander told her, “My machine will be eager to know from you have anymore rebels in my ranks.” McTavert then stormed into the pile of soldiers. Their blood stained the foliage and the commander had his head down looking, before he perked up, turned to the female soldier and asked, “Where are they?”

The commandos were gone. No one had seen them roll into the tall grass and crawl away before they stood and ran. Soon after, sirens began to blare and disrupted the silence. McTavert quickly turned to the source, followed by his soldiers, the female soldier then turned and finally McTavert’s guardian looked.

The sirens were a warning, that the commandos were at the wall of their base. They were at the outer perimeter, and being shot at. Gunsfire lit up the night sky and an angry McTavert stormed to his jeep where a driver was there waiting for him. The female soldier was thrown into the jeep by McTavert’s guardian who then sat with her as the jeep drove off toward the siren.

Meanwhile, Mad Dog and Scorpion were running from a spotlight atop a giant metallic wall. It was a wall seven meters tall and wide enough for soldiers to run a race ontop. Both men were still cuffed and dodged the light by leaping in and out of the dense jungle as they kept up a fanetic pace.

McTavert’s jeep suddenly burst out of the jungle toward the wall only to turn on a dime and head for the commandos. McTavert was at the machine gun and overjoyed to use it. Next to his legs were his guardian and his prisoner.

The female soldier, McTavert’s prisoner, decided it was time to leave, so she dove out of the jeep as the guardian tried to keep her in. It was no matter, that was no longer McTavert’s priority.

With the jeep dodging a field of barbedwire barricades, it chased after the two commandos. McTavert mowed down leaves, and folliage as he shot at glimpses of the men. Eventually the jeep caught up to where the commandos were and the jeep screeched to a stop.

McTavert screamed, “Show yourselves!” There was nothing, and a second spotlight atop of the wall turned on and aimed toward the jungle. McTavert pulled the trigger to the machine gun and launched a hail of gunfire into the immediate area as he screamed with overjoy.

The female soldier picked herself up off the ground and was in a daze as she looked over to McTavert’s green jeep. She staggered briefly with a hunched over stature until she turned toward the jungle and was snatched into the folliage.

It was the commandos that snatched her, Scorpion warned her with a gesture to Mad Dog, “I’ll ask you, but he won’t. Where are the keys?” Behind Scorpion, Mad Dog clasped his fists and rolled his wrists with the cuffs still on.

Mad Dog had an ugly smirk when he said, “Lemme take them.” Scorpion put himself in between the two of them as he waited for her to give up the key. Mad Dog continued in an angry stare at the soldier as he said, “I only see enemy; don’t get soft on me Scorpion.”

She gazed at the angry commando as she slowly unzipped the front of her uniform and pulled a key out from some secret pocket. “Here, it’s a universal key,” she said, “But don’t think I’ll stop.” The female soldier kept hold of the key as Mad Dog asked, “What do they call you?”

When Scorpion tried to get the key from her grasp, she yanked it away and put her hands together to hide which hand she really held it in. She said with a sly tone, “I am Red Falcon.” After that was said, she pitched the key away from them and ran way from the two men.

Both commandos dove for the key to get it. Once they had it from the ground, she was gone, but that wasn’t their priority. After their cuffs were off, their priority was to get inside of the base that wall defended.

Asside from the wall, standing in there way were soldiers, turrets, barbedwire barricades and a crazed commander intent on seeing them dead. Their only weapon between the two of them was Mad Dog’s pocket knife. He pulled it out, only to hear Scorpion ask, “Unless you intend on slashing McTavert’s tires, put that away. It won’t do much against a wall.”

The air calmed as McTavert and his soldiers scanned the area for any signs of the commandos. They were waiting almost in plain sight. The spotlights crossed over their location more than once, but they remained only a pair of eyes peaking out of the folliage.

That was of course until the two commandos heard, “What do we have here?” When Mad Dog and Scorpion turned, they discovered a soldier stood tall behind them with his gun pointed at the two of them. The soldier then asked, “Which one of you do I shoot first?”

The question was met with Scorpion’s thumb gesture that pointed toward Mad Dog. The blonde commando grabbed the barrel of the soldier’s gun, pointed it away and jammed his pocket knife upward through the soldier’s chin. There was a pour of blood, but not enough to kill the soldier. As the two struggled, eventually Mad Dog’s hand went up further into the soldier’s chin until the soldier’s feet were off the ground. Scorpion held the soldier’s feet to keep from kicking as the soldier’s body slid down the knife to the handle.

The soldier was dead, but still kicking. His machine gun was now their weapon as Scorpion took the gun off the dead man and Mad Dog cleaned the knife of the blood. Scorpion wondered, “Where do we find your gun?”

Mad Dog scaped the blood off on his pants and commented, “I don’t need a gun.”

“You can’t ram a knife up this base’s ass,” uttered Scorpion as he checked the machine gun.

With almost a chuckle, Mad Dog quipped, “Then you get us in there.” He then pointed in the distance, “See those gates? We’re gonna walk right in there.” Hundreds of yards away was the gate of the wall with two soldiers posted in front of it. The two soldiers were there to move the barbedwire barricades whenever vehicles came.

Between them was McTaverts jeep and the three men inside it. Mad Dog commented, “We’ll just drive right in.”

“Not possible,” uttered Scorpion as he looked to all of the guards.

Mad Dog retorted, “How do you think I got in there to save your ass before?”

Scorpion asked, “Why don’t we just go in the way we came out?”

Mad Dog asked, “Enter the exit? Never knew you were into that sort of thing.”

“Your way in is about to drive away,” said the raven haired commando as he saw the driver’s hand shift the jeep’s gears. The jeep began to drive away from the two men until a spotlight crossed over the position of the two commandos. The spotlight stopped directly on them and commander McTavert noticed.

He barked an order to, “Turn around!” With the commander pointing toward the two commandos the jeep turned around and began to drive paralell with the wall.

Scorpion wondered, “Any other ideas, cause we’re gonna need them in a good second or two.” The jeep slowly drove toward them as McTavert positioned the gun to a ready position.

The three men in the jeep never saw the attack coming. A rocket fired from the jungle toward beneath of the jeep caused an explosion that sent the vehicle tumping to the side. The green jeep ended up rolling through barbedwire and killing the driver.

Guards at the top of the wall began to shoot at the new foes as Mad Dog wondered, “Gxers?”

Scorpion tried to get a better look as he quipped, “Maybe someone from the other copter survived.” Bullets poured into the jungle from guards atop the wall.

Soon after, a squadron returned fire from the jungle to the wall. There were soldiers toppling from the top and landing face down over barbedwire barricades. The bodies of broken alien soldiers littered the area, before the squadron stepped into the open. One of them carried a rocket launcher when he emerged from the jungle before he dropped it and took out his machinegun strapped to his back.

They were a squad of soldiers that wore the same uniform, being lead by the same female soldier. This time she had her machete back as she walked through the smoky battleground. Her seductive form commanded the six squad members and left Mad Dog to ask, “She sure gets around doesn’t she?”

Scorpion grabbed his comrade and said, “This is our chance!” The two commandos ran along the wall avoiding the two spotlights that were focused on the battle. After the commandos stealthily snuck their way through the smoke while dodging gunfire, commander McTavert rose out of the smoke.

The commander was groggy and in a daze. He had to turn around to see the commandos in the smoke. His mask had been torn off and was down near his neck. As he grinned at the commandos he raised his mask over his face once again, before he took out his sidearm.

It was a humble pistol compared to the big machineguns that everyone else seemed to have. With his hat off, everyone on the battlefield could see his bald head exposed to the world.

McTavert slowly raised his pistol as his vision blurred from being thrown by his jeep, if not having the jeep roll over him. He staggered forward to follow the commandos as he lined up his sights.

The commander then grew weak and fell to his hands and knees. Both were in the glass from the jeep. He first looked at his left hand marred with blood before he looked through the smoke to the commandos once more.

Then he heard a woman’s voice, “You have a lot to answer to Red Falcon.” The commander looked up to the side and next to him was the femminine figure that he had seen so well. In her had was still her machete.

The commander slid his mask down and laughed with a cough, “Not a fitting weapon.” He looked to her machete then as he raised his pistol in hand he continued his laughter, “Never bring a knife to a gun fight.”

His finger gave a hint that it was going to pull the trigger, but before the gun could go off, she cut his hand clean off. The hand hit the ground and the commander screamed not in pain, but of terror.

The female soldier called out, “Tell them to cease fire!” She then put the machete up to the commander’s neck and told him, “Say it.”

The commander looked up to her in anger with the blade just under his chin. After what looked like a physical swallow of his pride, he yelled, “Kill her!” There were no bullets fired at her though.

In the distance, the troops were too busy with the commandos. Scorpion put bullets into two men, and collected their machineguns. The blonde commando had a gun, while Scorpion had two.

She called out, “I am no better than any of you! I am Red Falcon, just as you are! A soldier to carry out falcon’s will. A will disobeyed by Commander McTavert.” She then looked down upon him and proclaimed, “He will be punnished by Red Falcon.”

Meanwhile, Mad Dog and Scorpion were already knee deep in the dead. There was a mound of bodies and Scorpion climbed to the top with a machine gun in each hand. He first fired into the air with a scream that would send any normal man running. He then lowered both blazing machine guns to point them as a spotlight caught him.

Mad Dog followed with a battle cry of his own, “Must be Red Falcon’s birthday, cause we brought the pain!” Both men pointed their guns toward the gate as they charged forward.

The female soldier looked to McTavert and told him, “I was only told to bring you.” With the cock of her head, she added, “Never said anything about bringing you alive.”

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geo said:

To top that off... I need to fan fiction for a game that has 2 jungles... followed by a snowfield!!! How does that logic fit in there? Snowfield next to a jungle. I already thought of a brilliant way around it though :-)

Easy fixed - set the story in South America, where snow and jungle can be found in close proximity.

The climate is known to change drastically in rather short distances. Rainforests exist just miles away from the snow covered peak Cotopaxi.

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Interesting. I suppose that is why the North American version put it in South America. My idea is different.

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You could have something like Marvel Comics' Savage Land: a tropical paradise nestled inside an arctic region. I believe it was alien technology that accomplished that at Marvel, and seeing as Contra has aliens with advanced technology, it wouldn't be much of a stretch. Or maybe the aliens need a cold region to facilitate some of their experiments and make some kind of weather changing doohickey.

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Sorry for this five year necro bump. I hope that no one minds. I just read this for the first time. Wow there were a lot of glaring errors and misspellings. Such glaring errors that I feel like I would have had to write this outside of Microsoft Word or it would have caught the issues. I sure couldn't spell camouflage or canister.

There is a hilarious sentence, "The commando kicked the can aside as he was rushed by all four soldiers rushed with their batons out." Not enough rushing in this sentence.

Glaring issues like this are probably why when I had a book deal I went through a few editors. No one could survive correcting my work.

I remember nothing at all about writing these two chapters. I think I wrote them both on the fly right here in the forum. When I read someone mention dirt bikes, I was totally confused.

After reading this, I think it falls into the so bad its good category. I'm embarrassed that I wrote it, but I'm laughing a lot at it. Maybe that's because I wrote it, but again I remember nothing about it.

I know I can have an action being taken against my account for this 5 year bump, but its worth it for the laughs.

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I'm disappointed by the lack of flipping. Where the hell are the flips? Have you even played Contra? All you ever did in that game was flip.

Also, setting the story in New Zealand woulda been a safe bet also, as it's generally out by itself and has considerable snowfall in its mountains.

It also has penguins in the forest. Hell yeah.

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