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Upcoming Maintenance Release

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Within the next two weeks, EE 3.35.92 will be released as a "minor" upgrade.

New features that will appear include the following:
* 8-button joypad support
* Mouse wheel binding support
* Weapon cycling keybinding actions
* Ability to use the same config for all DOOM gamemodes
* IWAD Chooser: http://eternity.mancubus.net/pics/picker.jpg

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It's not finished, but you can load it. EE considers it "supported," unlike Hexen and Strife, which you can currently load as PWADs and everything is broken.

Editing features are backseat for this maintenance release; so far the only new one will be EDF font definitions. This release is about addressing playability issues :)

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Awesome! I'm really glad to see the use ability of Eternity come along. If you could though please make it so that when CAPSLOCK\Always Run is ON then holding down the Run key makes you walk. Thats one of the little things holding me back.

If I may also say/ask for Eternity Engine, "same config for all DOOM gamemodes" sounds like I could more easily have 2 separate installations for compatibility like I have for PRBoom 2.02. The only difference between my 2 PRBoom's are the compatibility options in the config, one is set to on and the other is set to off where as for PRBoom-Plus I use -complevel 7 & 9 commands. Might it also be possible for EE to throw in a command line augmentation that starts the game in compatibility mode so I can add it to my shortcuts and don't have to remember to type TNTCOMP every time or use 2 installations.

One last thing that I would just like to see around in the last few ports that don't support it is a half size scaling of the status bar in higher resolutions. Doomsday/Risen3D, ZDoom, Legacy and many dead/non-Boom ports as well as PRBoom 2.02 (and even Quake) have something to the affect whether intentional or not. At 640x400 the status bar is still drawn at 320x200 scale allowing for a little extra screen space and downward view but maintaining the classic and informative status bar. At even higher resolutions PRBoom 2.02 and WinQuake and others continue to scale at 320x200 making it unusable however GLQuake always scales the status bar at half regardless of the resolution and I may be alone here but I like that and don't wish to stay with PRBoom 2.02 just for a few miner things with it's other miner problems.

I know I type alot and am always asking for stuff, ignore what you wish as others do from time to time but know I'm passionate about my play and I'd rather not have to take the time to learn to code just yet. Either way I'm looking forward to the future of Eternity and every other port that still has drive and passion behind it. :)

Viva la DOOM!

EDIT: Or at least let me bind the run toggle key from CapsLock to Shift. :)

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Quasar said:

This release is about addressing playability issues :)

Here's a playability issue. Heretic support is not finished. :p

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