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Doom 3 map WIP

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Just want to show a screenshot and get some feedback on it. I know it's not much, but I'm still a beginner to Doom3 and constructing something I'm satisfied with isn't easy when I'm still learning. I'm trying to just get the basic level design finished, and learn the more advanced stuff later on.

The difficult part is mixing together textures for a consistent theme, and still focus on detail, and create a natural environment.

Anyhow. The walls are more or less finished. I might change the center floor and ceiling detail. The high slope on the floor prevents better gameplay so I may have to change that.

The lighting is also obviously unfinished. It's just well lit at the moment to get a good overview of the design. But I'm not going to make it the standard Doom 3 light level.. it'll still be comfortably bright, as in a Doom 2 map. I'm really satisfied with the theme. That's why progress is so slow, because I don't want to ruin it.


Here are a couple of shots from an abandoned effort:



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Looks interesting, I like the colourful orange/blue mix. The middle section of the floor looks also good, but those grey floor panels left and right donĀ“t work so well as floor textures. I would use some more plane and solid looking floor textures instead.

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