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wads/maps with large monster battles

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Are there any wads or maps that come to mind that have particular emphasis on colossal battles between the demons rather than the demons attacking the player? I mean it as if the player is walking in on a battle that is already taking place. A demon war-zone, if you will.

I'm not exactly in the loop when it comes to all of the wads that have come out in the past, so I would be interested to know if this has been done before. I guess I'm kinda bored with the standard vanilla style of play, and the element of large monster battles (outside of standard infighting) would be very interesting. Maybe a map could be designed so the player has to make his way through a huge battle without dying?

Going further with this theme, perhaps there could be more than one "faction" of demons, and so one group would focus on attacking the other.

Have there been any "strategy doom" mods where the player commands a group of demons/marines against another group?

Also, what wads have been designed that involve swarms of demons attacking an outpost that you must defend? I always seem to like those scenarios.

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Well, I haven't played a whole lot of WADs but the Super Ultra Cyb Fight from Mock 2 comes to mind (when you cross a line a bunch of different colored cyberdemons fight each other). This is done with ACS scripting so I know it's possible in ZDoom, so there very well could be a WAD like you're talking about.

Also in ZDoom there are friendly monsters, and though you can't give them "commands," they will follow you and attack hostile monsters. I've never seen a wad with friendly monsters in it, though it is possible to place them in a map.

And I've never seen one like your last request, but again, I haven't played that many wads.

edit: argh never mind

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All monsters initially aim at and move toward the player rather than eachother (unless there are some sort of non-vanilla code/scripts). Like you can make a monster 'friendly' in doombuilder: zdoom in hexen format, which will aim at other monsters, not at you (but friendly imps won't aim at friendly cacos, etc). So you just want slaughtermaps basically to maximize infighting- in which case my earlier recommendations were these:

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Captain Ventris said:


I believe you may be interested in this.

Indeed, though it is multiplayer oriented and I am trying to figure out a good single-player map to use it with. Though I tried it out and it is really quite awesome. It requires huge open areas to work well, though.

Oh... I just noticed that you are the one who designed it! The mana regen, player health, jumping ability, and monster selection all seem to make a lot of sense. I feel a little defenseless though, save for the creatures I can spawn. Since the spawning of monsters can be touchy in tight spots, maybe the player should get a melee weapon - I was thinking it could be useful against lower level monsters but far less effective on stronger foes (like pulling out your sword in a last ditch effort).

I set it up with a batch file for ZDoom and it seems to run correctly. How can I go about playing it with someone else? Maybe we could play a match sometime, it seems like it would be a lot of fun. The biggest problem seems to be a lack of maps! I tried Weird Bases but I thought it was a tad small for something like this. What comes to mind immediately is a gargantuan, flat battle field with smaller buildings\bases that the player can take cover in. This would actually give you room to maneuver around.

Helm's Deep was interesting but there are places with massive slowdown that make it unplayable on my computer.

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