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no monsters in map

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i can make maps now because i installed my old English Windows xp

but now i have monster (Things Mode) problems

i have made a small map, and i put the monsters in the map
and i can see these in things mode when i press T button
but when i play the map i cant see any of the monsters, no monsters, nothing

i dont know how to put monsters in the map
please help


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have you made sure that the things properties are set so that they will appear in the difficulty setting that you are play testing on?

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ok now it works
so it must be unchecked (Multiplayer) and then i can see these
i didnt know that

but good, i can see all monsters now, thank you all!

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Yeah multiplayer can be a nasty flag if not used right....see the Yellow Key in Map31 of TNT....

Multiplayer just means Multiplayer and multiplayer only (along with the skill levels you have checked for it when playing in multiplayer).

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