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Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and the Damned

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So, is this expansion/mission set worth the 1600 X-Box live points?

I enjoyed GTA IV very much... found there to be a drastically reduced number of irritating missions when compared to the previous games.

I'm just not sure if this whole motorcycle scenario grabs me.

So, how about some testimonials from people who've played it?

That way, if it sucks, only one of us will have wasted our money. And better yet, it won't be me.

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I haven't played through all of it yet, so my opinion shouldn't be taken as a definitive yes buy, or no don't. I've put probably 10 hours into it, then I got a new computer and got distracted by Stalker. I think it's a really well made, and enjoyable expansion. It's more action based, and it focuses on actually doing missions instead of the side crap. From what I've seen there isn't nearly the amount of "Oh great, another call from someone who wants to go play some pool, or go bowling, or go drinking, or go to the cabaret" most of it is just mission based. So if you like riding a bike around Liberty City with a squad of other bikers, shooting rival gangs, and just kind of being a bad ass it's good. I think it's better in some ways than the original, because it already takes into account that you know how to play the game, so it jumps right into the hard stuff right off the bat. It doesn't spend 20 hours explaining how to drive a car and hide behind cover. In the end, it's good, it's like the best parts of GTA4 concentrated so far, but since I haven't finished it I can't say how long it is which might be a factor for you. I'd say from what I've gotten from it 1600 was a fair price, maybe a bit much, at 1200 I would say it would've been a great deal, but your mileage may vary. And don't worry, the biker vibe doesn't throw you off, which I thought it would, but the atmosphere around LoD makes it funner to tear through the streets on a bike than it would be if you were playing as Niko.

And if you were expecting anything like the rumours about them recreating San Andreas or Vice City, or adding huge new islands, you will be sorely disapointed. It adds a new game with new missions, new characters, and some new weapons. Doesn't add anything new to the main game, as Lost and Damned is a completely independent side game. I was rather dissapointed to find out that it didn't add any new weapons to the main game, or side quests, or even clothes, but it's still enjoyable.

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