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Scoredoom 2.3 Release

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Scoredoom has reached a stable release in its second incarnation, which now supports online hi-score tables. The client, and eventually the files for a player to run their own hi-score server, is available for download here.

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Put in an emergency patch this evening. SD updated to Version 2.3.1, which you will need for online hi scoring. Grab from http://www.scoredoom.com
Code added to stop potential cheating using sv_fastweapons, which I somehow missed in earlier versions.

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I can't get the online scoring to work at all. I started on a fresh install of Scoredoom and had the online scoring working for Ultimate Doom episode 1, but when I quit and switched to Doom 2 so I could set a score for Revolution, I found that it would not let me use the online scoring, and the console offered no explanation. Even deleting my zdoom-username.ini did not fix this.

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Edward850 said:

You have to launch the wad via command line, not drag'n'drop.

And I'm assuming ScoreDoom doesn't like ZDL either? I also use -nomusic, does that mess things up?

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I take it that you are using version 2.3.1? If you dont see an immediate message at the bottom of the console output, you may need to page-up to see the message. There should be a message somewhere.
Its possible that the hi score server was down as well.
As edward said, dragn'drop does not work, it seems to screw up the wad order in such a way, that it causes the scoredoom client to send the wrong client-hash to the server.
Are you running any .cfg files on doom2 startup using 'exec'? This will get you into trouble as well.

Yeah, When using online hi scoring mode, its fairly strict with command line parms, and what order you load wads and patches. This is entirely to enforce fair scoring.

I havent used ZDL, so Im not sure exactly how it loads wads & patches.

-nomusic should be fine. I think most '-' command line parms should be fine, as long as they are not deemed as cheating. '+' command line parms are not allowed, except for +gennodes & +compatflags.

When loading wads & patches.. If you look at the 'Extra Pwads & Patches' column on the hi score table, that will tell you what files you need to use and in what order. You should have gzscoredoom configured to show the iwad selection dialogue box at startup, if not, the iwad needs to be loaded on the command line via '-iwad'. When playing with the sd-addonpack.wad, that should be in the skins directory, or loaded first after '-file', followed by the other pwads and patches. Patches, regardless of bex or deh, need to be loaded via '-deh'.

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