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you have it all wrong

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what i mean is that in that thread there where a few morman bashing remarks. well it looks like i am the one and only morman on this entire forum so yay me :). anyway, you had some things wrong. someone said that we believe that women and black people cant get to the highest heaven which is wrong. its just that only men(white and black) can get the power to act in gods name. dont ask me why cuz i'm just one of the followers and i dont have all the answers.

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We bash everybody on these forums; nobody pays it any mind. Hell, danarchist bashes everybody and their wives, and nobody pays him any mind. People say a lot of bad things about Mormons, so what? People say bad things about every religion under the sun. We bash things we don't fully understand. And as long as we don't take it seriously and have a sense of humor about it, you should too. So lighten up. :)

Grab a beer (heh), light a smoke (heh, heh), and watch ShadyXMR and danarchist have a sensible, gentlemanly discussion with well thought-out arguements (BWA-HA-HAAA!!!)

Oh, BTW, you spelled "Mormon" wrong. ;)

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Hell, danarchist bashes everybody and their wives

Most other peopler, however, bash everybody and their mothers. Especially Ralphis' mother.

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watch ShadyXMR and danarchist have a sensible, gentlemanly discussion with well thought-out arguements

Shut up, just SHUT UP. You'll jinx it dammit.

Hmm, after reading what our buddy danarchist had to say in that thread I had to laugh. It's quite interesting actually.

I have very conservative pro-capitalist friends, and they are obviously pissed off at the war we are fighting in, and most of them DO believe that it is a war on Islam. They refer to Islam as a religion of violence, sloth, and murder. They remark about its backwardness and eccentricity. In short, they take the extremist wing of Islam and generalize it.

I know this person, danarchist. He's a very "liberal" pro-socialist person and is evidently upset about the U.S.'s participation in the war. He doesn't believe that the U.S. is doing the right thing by attacking Islam. Like most skeptics, he thinks this IS a war on Islam, and that the capitalist fatcat shitdicks in Washington are just trying to profit again. (I'm doing these opinions based on what I've heard or what I think I've heard him say; if these are incorrect then this post is fucked)

Then danarchist comments on another religion's backwardness and eccentricity: Mormonism. Oh, their lifestyle is weird, it doesn't fit in. A few stories here and there are used to back up his claims. In short, he is taking the extremist wing of Mormonism and generalizing it.

Can you see the difference between my ultra conservative friends and danarchist, the sworn savior and protector of human civil liberties? NONE

This kind of bigotry upsets me, especially from people who believe that all other people are bigots except them.

I won't try to convert them.

Face it, your religion is your political beliefs and how they will save the world from all of the problems that exist. You WON'T try to convert them? Who's self-righteous again?

Go ahead flame me, I could sincerely not give a bigger FUCK, especially when I am told certain things about the way I think only to have that spat back at my face.

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