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icon of sin shooter problem

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There is a problem when the enemy shooter when doesn't shoots out my NEW enemys i put into the game. I did that script in decoration:

actor ICantBelieveItsNotBossEye : BossEye
DropItem "NightmareWishbearImp"255 10
DropItem "BuzzyMedic" 255 20
DropItem "StealthMedic" 255 30
DropItem "StealthBuzzy" 255 24
DropItem "IceBuzzy" 255 10

It doesn't shoot out the enemies i wanted. Can someone help me?

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Have you looked at the literal Boss Eye and the REST of Icon?
His decorate scripts would be of use, but implementing the new monsters into his Spawning.... You look at Zdoom.org Wiki yet? That could help too.

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