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My Map is all messed up!

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I was like, really ticked off for a minutes when editing my map in Doom Builder. I changed the map configuration from Doom2 to ZDoom in Hexen format. After I closed the program I reopened my file and all of the lines are all over the place. Now my map is all skewed up. How can I fix this?

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Open up the most recent backup file of your wad, go to File>Save Map As, click on your wad, and your issue should be fixed. Also, stick with the original format you had, which I would guess in this case is, in Doom 2 format. I'm guessing you would have to do a new map then to be able to map in Hexen format.

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Or you can copy all the sectors in your map, start a new one in the different format, then paste it.

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