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Doom Hacker

Doom Tournament Beta 1 Online Action Multiplayer

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Hello there everybody, long time since I have posted here. As some of you may know me, I'm a huge fan of Doom and I like to make cool mini-games based on Doom. I've made several fan games about it, the most famous was DOOM RTS. Right now I'm working on something which I never dealt before, online multiplayer. People loved my mini-games and always suggested me to create a multiplayer game online. I'd like to present to you:

Imagine Unreal Tournament merged with Doom and Mario! Well, that's what it is! Doom Tournament is an action side-scroller ment to be played over the internet in different kinds of modes: DeathMatch, CTF, Last man standing and etc... You can find games on the master server, connect and kill everybody! :medieval: Of course, more playable characters will be added soon! Check the website for more info.

I've released a brand new beta just to test the game. You can find info and download here:Doom Tournament Website For some of you that are behind router: Click here how to avoid it
Of course, beta means it's a very early version of the game so only main stuff will be shown just for testing the game. You'll probably find some bugs on it and if so, please report! It will only help!!
On this beta you can only play DeathMatch and choose only four characters: Commander(Chaingun&Grenades),Bomber(Bazooka&Explosives),Imp(Fireballs and ability to climb on walls),Baron of Hell(Green fireballs).

more screenshots!
Please try it and give feedback!

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This could really use a great deal of graphical polish.
The concept is... interesting, to say the least.

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