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Suggestions for a coming release

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I know DB2 is nearly complete for release. So maybe in one of the next releases my wishes could be consider ;)

I really miss a rectangle tool with an election of how many sides or vertices, so you can easily make also round sectors of any diameter. Also a stairbuilder tool would be great.

Worked long time with DCK, and both tools were there embedded.

Anyway, DB is by far the best editor nowadays. I really love the 3D mode / visual mode.

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I got a suggestion too: DB2 freezes my computer. Please make it so it doesn't do that with Vista. Thanks!

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belphegore said:

First you are using an unofficial release, as far as i know DB2 isn't released know.

Second you use a OS that is used by a minority of people overall. It's so hip as Win ME. Not for nothing will come Win 7 shortly...

Third, have you ever read this Sticky:

Incase you havn't noticed, Butts has been around these forums an awful long time and knows quite a bit about doom, if he hasn't read that sticky i would be very suprised.

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