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How do I navigate the copyright minefield?

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Okay, so I've got questions about copyrights and stuff with respect to Doom editing. I know I'll have a lot more so I named this thread the way I did so if I had more questions, I could come back to this without having to make a new one.

Anyway, my main question is about modifying id resources. I heard that modifying id software resources is illegal. But then I see custom status bars exactly like the Doom one, most of the bestiary monsters are modified Doom monsters, recolored textures, ect.

So am I wrong about laws concerning the id resources? Or is it like a don't ask-don't tell thing and I should delete this post right now?

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If your pwad requires, for example, Doom 2 to run, you can legally use any of the Doom 2 resources as a base for modification in it, but not from other games. When it comes to taking resources from other games or other iwads, it's illegal, though some folks around here care more about it than others, and there are are a large number of well-known released projects that mix resources. Take that as you will.

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