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My second TC: LITF 2

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I played your wad for three levels, and I'm not sure what to say. Honestly, I don't think I understand the concept of your TC, perhaps because it seems so completely at odds with everything else I know about Doom. I'm inclined to wonder, "why do this to Doom?"

Indeed, I whole heartedly support your right to create the experience you envision for your players. I am even somewhat proud to share some small space in this community with creative people such as yourself. I want you to succeed in your projects just as I hope you will wish for my success as well. I sincerely congratulate you for completing such an impressive work of extreme modification.

Having said all that however, I find I must say what I came here to say without mincing words any further.

This wad is not my kind of Doom game, and I didn't like it. I'm sorry to say so, but please don't let it bother you. I wish you success in all your future projects.

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Ok so the levels were terrible. Places that you couldn't get out of, messy design, weird textures.

But in truth, I loved it. The monsters and the weapons had such a quirky, unique feel to them that they even made up for the levels. It would be worth really taking time to make good levels for such cool, cartoony sprites..

I finished all 9 episodes in a little under an hour. Unlike anything that I have ever played, that's for sure. Man I don't know what to say. The whole thing was oddly captivating...

Like sparerib said, keep going. This has something very cool about it, even if I don't know exactly what it is. Good luck. :)

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sparerib1968 said:

I don't think I understand the concept of your TC,

Think of it as: a boy got lost in the forest.

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Creaphis said:

I love it! It's obviously crap, but who cares!

Thirded. Awesome stuff. :)

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