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Yahoo's Top 10 Controversial Games...

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Belial said:

You want this too then.

Ah Phantasmagoria, I remember playing that when I was around 9 or 10. It does have some very graphic cutscenes, especially for the time. Although the fact that they used digitized actors makes them still gruesome today. Most of it is a fun, if rather bland hunt and seek adventure game, but the overall tone and the movies are very macabre. It also has one of the few rape scenes I've ever seen in a game, not really graphic, but even at that age I knew what was going on. Thinking about it, my mom was really lapse in her judging of videogames that were appropriate, considering she played Phantasmagoria before I did. Still it's worth a play, although on newer computers it becomes almost impossible to solve some item puzzles because objects move far too fast. Haven't been able to solve it with compatibility or dosbox, but I'm sure it's possible.

And I would certainly agree with the Postal controversy. The United States Postal Service brought them to trial, a branch of the federal government, when the feds get pissed you know you have something great. And I do recall hearing about it at the time, but never actually knew what the game was about. Funnily enough, on the gopostal site recently they posted that they tried to get a USPS business stamp with the Running With Scissors logo on it. Not surprisingly the USPS rejected the submission. I'm surprised Postal 2 never caught the attention of PETA though, that would've been a delightful controversy.

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Night Trap should be in there too, since it was also pivotal in the creation of the ESRB.

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Dgon92 said:
And finally, the icing on the cake...

Resident Evil 5:


(Takes out BFG from the vault from my closet and shoots a gigantic blast of plasma at Yahoo! for their dumbassery)

...Ahhh, that felt good. Now, where are we again? Oh, yes, RE5.

Okay, first off, this game is set in Africa, the origin of the virus. And where would you happen to find in Africa? That's right, AFRICANS! What else would be infected? Lions? Elephants? German settlers?

Second of all, Leon Kennedy has been shooting zombies. When he was created, skin color wasn't even a thought. Also, nobody complained when he was shooting Spanish zombies in RE4!

Absolutly true with RE4, no one said it was racist when killing the ganados, all of which were one ethnicity.

Whats funny is that in RE5, it seems that practically HALF of the manjini are other ethnicities. Ive seen whites, spanish, hell even asians! It's pretty culturally diverse if you ask me.

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The Ganados always confused me in RE4. They spoke Spanish, but the overall theme of the game reminded me far more of an Eastern European country, like Romania, Belarus, Latvia, what have you. Mainly due to the appearance of the characters, and their quaint, isolated villages. Maybe that's why it wasn't considered racist, because even though they spoke Spanish, they weren't colored and their setting was rather ambiguous. As opposed to Africans, although there are numerous languages and countries in Africa, and there are quite a few people in Africa who are white, arab, and asian, since they were dark skinned it was racist. Eh, I still don't get the controversy even still. Noone complained about Soldier of Fortune where you killed Caucasians, Hispanics, Africans, Arabs, and Asians, maybe because they were equal opportunity games.

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Dgon92 said:

Muslims think music is blasphemy? I didn't know that. If they do think music is blasphemy and they're not supposed to listen to it, then they must be the most boring-assed people in the world. Religions always put restrictions in the weirdest places, such as the Jews not being able to eat pork, Christians hating gays because homosexuality is a sin, or in this case, Muslims not being able to listen to music, because it "misleads from the path of Allah" or something. I could be wrong about the music hating Muslims, though.

I'm pretty sure most of the prominent major monotheistic religions carry the belief of frowning upon homosexuality, not just Christianity.

Aside from that, all three of these broad religions have limitations on when you can eat certain types of foods, if any at all (during periods of fasting).

Also, all three religions you named all stem from the same core beliefs and each of the three all have many many MANY different variations on how religious texts are interpreted and practiced.

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Yahoo is just a bunch of kids who ask questions about penis enlargement and free porn downloads. That's all I can say.
None of these games were too bad. They're simply referenced by Yahoo because Yahoo is an attention whore.

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I remember in the days before Google, Yahoo was actually my search engine of choice. That was a loooong time ago though. Like 1994-1998.

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