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Triathlon: tournament ladder

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Anyone know of a Doom/Doom2/Heretic/Hexen tournament ladder? Something that also does 1-on-1.

It would be cool if there was like a Triathlon...

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There's not a centralised or major big tournament ladder, but smaller tournaments run/managed by the sourceport people:


ZDaemon's Tournament Forums http://forums.zdaemon.org/index.php?c=8
Skulltag's Competition Forums http://skulltag.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=106

Mostly do CTF or some specialised mod. Haven't seen any 1 on 1, FFA or TDM ladder tournaments... and it's mainly Doom... haven't seen any Heretic or Hexen ladder/tournaments. Hexen Death Kings has specialised deatmatch levels that would be nice to try out...

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