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maybe prboom/boom bug (slow scrolling floor)?

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This time I made 2 short demos showing what I'm referring to.
Wad has 9 floors that all have a separate 'scroll floor move things' line, with differing lengths (8 to 72 by increments of 8) and thus differing floor speeds. All the floors scroll fine except when the trigger line is 16 or shorter apparently.

scrolcl17.lmp = complevel 17 ('current prboom')
In this one the first two scrolling dummy dolls scroll slower than the floor they're standing on (the other dummies scroll in time with the floor.

scrolcl9.lmp = complevel 9 ('emulates boom v 2.02')
Similarly, the two dummies on lines of length 16 or shorter start scrolling slower than the floor. Here there is additional weirdness in that as soon as I (the real player) moves, then the dummies scroll the right speed.

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If an object is moving too slowly its momentum is killed entirely rather than just being reduced via the friction algorithm.

This happens if the object is being carried by too slow a conveyor floor. The result is the object ends up moving much slower than it should, as you have observed.

Finally in Boom voodoo dolls weren't checked for properly. If the user is making any movement actions with keyboard or mouse, the doll speeds up. This doesn't happen in later engines and complevels.

(References: see STOPSPEED and P_XYMovement in p_mobj.c and SCROLL_SHIFT, CARRYFACTOR and P_SpawnScrollers in p_spec.c)

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Interesting, I thought it maybe was an overlooked fixable bug inside prboomplus or something so mentioned it in case nobody knew about it. But I guess its a boom bug that we have to live with pretty much. Which is fine, I'll just always use 32 or longer lines (I discovered it when I had a sequence of dummy doll lines that triggered much slower than I intended). And if I need a really slow sequence of dummy walk over lines, I can just make the lines further apart rather than making the scroll speed slower.

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