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[Release] Tiny Chances of Survival

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Hey there, me again! I made a 5 map episode where the main features are a mix of old-school and survival horror gameplay, some interesting ZDoom effects to help enhance gameplay and visuals whilst keeping things simple-ish. The whole WAD should only take about 5-10 minutes tops to run through.

Screenshot: http://www.phobus.servegame.com/TinyPack1Screen.png
Download: http://www.phobus.servegame.com/ph_tp1.zip
Web page: http://phobus.servegame.com/TinyMaps.html

It'll be on the archives shortly if you would rather download from there.

Enjoy! Feedback is obviously welcome :)

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That screenshot look like one of the maps from some dwango wad, am I right or not?

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I've never played or seen a dwango WAD. However, the map is based on an ancient DeathMatch 2.0 WAD called LEDGESI.WAD by Mark K. Gresbach Jr. Anybody who's played it will find the layout quite familiar, and I guess it may have been used for something like that as well.

The main differences are theme and lighting, plus intended gameplay. My map also has a central room which is a symmetrical shape, wheras the original is quite irregular.

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