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DB2 feature Interface suggestion.

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Just something I think could be very useful. Especially for people with small wide screen monitors typical of laptops.

I've started using DB on my laptop since then I can do it whenever I feel like it even more. Problem is that the information field at the bottom that shows linedefs and sectors info among other things are kind of awkward on that kind of screen and it'd be nice to be able to rearrange it so it's a vertical bar on either side of the window instead.

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I'm afraid this isn't going to be there. At least not in the initial release. But it is open source and I'm not the only one who knows how to write a program.

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Chu said:

Or maybe make it detachable that can "anchor" into other parts of the interface?

Well. yes, something fully customizable like in Modo would be the ultimate though.

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I have a regular feature suggestion.

Whenever I load an additional resource wad, doom builder 2 freezes my whole computer at random times when I am mapping. I use vista.

The suggestion is, to have DB2 not freeze my computer, or at least offer a temporary solution to this problem. It happens very often.

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