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Teleportation Randomization [Finished WAD]

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Simple 3 map PWAD with basically no story made for single player and Deathmatch.

Map 01: Congo [not based or related to the plutonia level]
Map 02: Skin Caves
Map 03: Taggart Hotel

I always recommend GZdoom but this WAD was done in doom 2 format with no special zdoom editing.
so this PWAD can be played on any source port I believe
[It gave me some problems on choclate Doom though].
I would have uploaded this directly to the doomworld archives so I would not have to post a thread of it.
I really don't use FTP sites though so until I learn here you go.

Direct Link: http://wadhost.fathax.com/files/tele.zip



Skin Caves [Weird Theme]:

Taggart Hotel:

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