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midi question

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how do i use midi2mus.exe (to make a mus out of a midi) and how do i use it in a level? cuz i like never did it.

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MIDI to MUS Converter Version 2.04
Copyright (C) 1992,93 Digital Expressions Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
Usage: midi2mus [options] <midifile>

OPTIONS: /v - Verbose
/t### - Ticks Per Second (default:140)

I just type: midi2mus mymidi.mid

The output will be the same name, but .mus. Rename it to match one of the MIDI names of DOOM or DOOM2, or use something like DDF or ACS to use custom musics.

Then import it to a WAD file, using DEUTEX or Wintex, or any other WAD editing tool.

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