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DoomBuilder Will Not Load

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Doom Builder will not load. Error message is: "Error 424 in local configuration. Object required."

Doom Builder was running ok... kind of. It crashed 99 times while building my Doom2 map. I got around that by utilizing the back-up wads.

This last time, running Doom2 to test the map, the screen went black. Had to restart my computer. When I clicked on the Doom Builder icon, it would not load and gave the error message.

All other applications work ok. Just Doom Builder is screwed up.

I would hate to lose this map.

If I download Doom Builder again, can I salvage this map, or do I start from scratch?

All help greatly appreciated.


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I bet it messed up a cache file somewhere. Uninstall it, check for a Doom Builder file in "Local Settings" and delete the folder if it's there. It should work after that.

If you saved the map, find the most recent bak file and rename it as the wadname.wad

Otherwise, you're screwed.

That should work!

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I uninstalled Doom Builder, but had no idea where to find "local settings" to delete any bogus file.

I decided to download Doom Builder again and reinstall... just taking a chance.

And it worked.

All previous work is still available! That's great!


Just a tiny, little problem now. I have the sound of the Spider-Boss popping up in the background. I searched my map and can't find one. Any way to confirm if the Spider-Boss is actually part of my map? If not, I can live with it. Just the sound is enough to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

Thanks again.


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Use Find [F3] to search for Thing type 7. On the off-chance that Doom Builder can't find Spidey - are you using ambient sounds in the map?

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