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.:Doom Connector:.

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Doom Connector 3 is back, complete with ]masterservers once again. Doom Connector 3 existed as a client back in 2004 allowing users to join and easily setup games. The functionality that you know and love is back.

Weekly Doom tournaments like Doomed Saturday and Terminator Sundays
Full masterserver support for Skulltag, and ZDaemon, and BloodMasters
Rooms to easily setup, launch, and join a variety of games
Getwad to download necessary wad and pk3 files
DLL Plugin support to increase game support without having to update the client
Buddy lists to know if your buddies are online and where they are
File Transfers for sending files between clients
Instant Messages
Whiteboard to draw on with friends while waiting for the game
Click Here For a Screenshot

Please report any bugs, problems, or questions to Zorcher or me here on the forums or to our willing staff on the DC3 client itself.

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Hey, didn't this used to be a Doom Connector 3 thread? The post wasn't broken. Something fishy's afoot.

[edit] Yeah. And here's a screenshot of what the post used to be:

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Registered just to make a fool of himself
Edit: Thanks for editing your post and then calling me a troll, then editing out you calling me a troll, welcome to the community!

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@WildWeasel: No. The post wasn't working correctly, but I fixed it.
@Infurnus: No. I registered to be part of the community. Posting about Doom Connector was just my first post. Sorry, I'm just posting something related to doom and it's a pretty useful program.

I'm just going to leave it at that. If you want to use it, then use it. If not, then don't. I'm not posting any more replies to messages in this thread

Edit to your Edit of my Edit: Okay =)

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