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Duel16: idgames questions

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I have a quick question about a mapset that I am working on.

It's called Duel16, and you can find a thread about it here on the Skulltag forums. I would like to upload it to idgames so it is easily located in a reputable archive. However, I am worried that the contents of the wad would make it ineligible.

What I have done is compile 16 deathmatch maps created by others and put it into a compilation WAD. However, duel16 contains a unique 'voting map' which allows players to pick which map they would like to play, and I have spent a considerable amount of time not only refining this mechanic but making sure that the included maps are identical to their original versions (no texture conflicts, no rebuilt nodes, etc).

I have given credit where credit is due both in the README and in a credits graphic that is hidden in the map. However most of the authors of these maps have long since left the doom community. The only one that I could get in touch with was Aardappel, and he gave his permission for his map to be included in the compilation.

There is also the question of being ineligible due to 'modified id software levels', which includes DWGO5M1 and DWGO6M1. However, both DWANGO5 and DWANGO6 reside in the archive, so I'm not sure that argument holds much weight.

So, should I even bother attempting to submit it to newstuff in the first place?

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Devin said:

You sure about that?

It doesn't? That's quite surprising, considering how many servers play D5.

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Well, I suppose there's nothing to lose if it does get rejected, so might as well give it a go. Personally, I'd say that if weapon rips can make it onto the archives, then I can't see how modified id levels would be any worse. But whatever people say here, whether it's acceptable for inclusion or not is up to Ty.

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DWANGO2008 was uploaded to the archive without rejection, and that's got significantly more of a stock-map base to it than DWANGO5 does.

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Yeah, I think that rule is kind of broken; short of cheap modifications of id's stuff that add nothing, Ty will let any creative stuff go in. Especially since id allows mods of their levels (under the usual conditions for addons).

As for the DWANGO maps, Plutonia 2 has a map that's partly based on D5M1, so you wouldn't be the first to upload something based directly on DWANGO stuff.

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