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Kappes Buur

Broken links in Best of 2002

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These two maps are referred to in = Best of 2002 =

12/11/02 5543 KB

dark7 mission pack1
06/04/02 4912 KB

however, the links go to 404 Not Found

Could somebody fix those links, please.

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There are no files to replace them with in the archive. I'm guessing the author took them down. My suggestion is to contact the author. His page has links to the same dead URLs. If you just want the files, look for them in Google or the like.

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The author was losered a while ago for randomly flaming someone in a newstuff thread, sounds like he got all pissy and took his wads down.

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While that might be the case - why take down the old versions before there's something to replace them with?

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