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The Hell Connection - Chapter 5

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Sorry about the wait... x-mas holiday...family
this will never happen again,i promise

THC - Chapter Five

The white house guards had assumed you and General Thomas were on a first name basis, so they let you through with your "box o' chocolates".

hmmm...low security...

The General walks in. "Ah, you! I just came back from a meeting. We were discussing a new weapon for capturing live Hellspawn. It's called the 'Neural Stunner', a small green and yellow pistol. Anyways, I see you've brought chocolate..."

You put the chocolates on the desk and open them, pull out a pistol and hold it to the General's temple. The other guards quickly hold up their rifles, and UAC Secret Service members, in shiny black armour and sunglasses, pop up from the floor and have their pistols at your head.

The General, caught off guard by this, quickly calls off his UAC dogs and asks calmly, gun to his head...

"what's up?"

You cock the gun. "What the hell was going on!"

"what do you mean?"

"DON'T GIVE ME THIS BUEROCRATIC CRAP! I saw...things in Hell...UAC things...and since the UAC is controlled by the millitary, you would know everything about it..."

"i Don't understa..."


"what question...?"


The general takes a deep breath, and says...

"Put the gun down and have a seat, this will take a while..."

--- end of chapter 5 ---

please tell more people about my story, ok?

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You don't need to apologize for the delay, as it was a rather short one (and writing good episodes takes time, so just take the time you need).

This chapter sure added an interesting aspect.
If I may suggest something, I think it'd be better if you wrote longer episodes.
Your episodes are good, but a little too short IMHO.

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