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Making a monster immune to certain damage types.

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Ok. So I was just wondering whether or not it would be possible to make a monster immune to certain types of weapons, but not others. Say for example you made a heavily armored monster and you wanted it to be immune to small arms fire such as shotguns/chainguns/pistols, but still take damage as normal from heavier weapons such as rockets/plasma weapons.

Or even going a step further and putting damage modifiers on certain weapons when used on certain monsters. Say making a cyberdemon more vulnerable to plasma, but less to other weapons?

Would this be possible/practical?

[note] I have never actually made a new monster before, so any answers should assume I have virtually no knowledge of scripting etc etc. I am curious as to whether it would be possible to do though.

Also I should ask whether this has already been done, to anyone's knowledge?

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thanks GreyGhost. :)

Is there a way to do the same thing for Boom compatible, or even (possibly) vanilla compatible wads?

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No. Doom originally never knew the concept of damage types. This was (rudimentarily) introduced by Hexen and Strife.

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