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playing WADs without using any sourceport?

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How do I play Heretic WAD-files without using any sourse port program? I now this has to be possible, because otherwise you would not be able to play all the old Heretic and Doom maps which appeared when there was no source port at all, for example the "Magic & Mayhem"-Expansion.
I've read somewhere that you need a special command but dont know how it works...

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You would still need an official "non source port" version of Doom that supports loading WADs.

Just the good old plain original DOS PC version will do, both for Doom and for Heretic.

The "special command" you may have heard of refers to the command-like arguments required by all capable versions of Doom and Heretic for loading WAD files.


doom.exe -file somewad.wad

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Sorry, Im not so familiar with the whole DOS thing.
At the mment Im sitting here with a windows 98 system. I have a folder with the whole heretic program shareware in it and I also added some old wads. Now: What do I have to do exactly? Where do I have to type this command?

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Opening the command line (should be in Accesories) as a first step would help, then you would have to navigate to the directory (folder) where you placed heretic and the WAD files.

E.g. if it's in C:\Games\Heretic,

you should type something like

cd c:\games\heretic [ENTER]
cd \ [ENTER]
cd games [ENTER]
cd heretic [ENTER]
whichever is easier for you and then
heretic -file xxx.wad
You might also want to run setup.exe from the same directory first.

However you can't load WADs with the shareware version of Heretic, I think. You must buy the full version for that. Same with Doom.

P.S.: Provided you do have access to the full version of Heretic, I'd advise that you just use a modern source port like ZDoom and an user-friendly launcher like ZDL, despite the general aversion a large part of the community seems to have vs launchers. It saves a lot of trouble.

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