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Name the levels

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Depends on what you're using.

Vanilla : Dehacked/Whacked
Boom: Dehacked/Whacked/BEX
Legacy: Fraggle Script (Also supports Dehacked)
Eternity: Mapinfo (Also supports Dehacked and BEX)
Zdoom: Mapinfo (Also supports Dehacked and BEX)
Vavoom: Mapinfo (Also supports Dehacked and BEX... I think)
Doomsday: Some kind of def files I think.

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The level name doesn't give you scripting. The game engine (sourceport) you are making your map for is what gives you scripting and sometimes it is only available in certain map formats.

If you want scripting you can go for ZDoom (either Hexen format or UDMF), it has ACS scripting. Legacy also has scripting, as kristus mentioned, but it is not as flexible as ZDoom's ACS.

About naming your level, the actual name you have to put in the map editor has some strict rules and limitations. You should use E#M# or MAP## where the # is a number. I'm sure you can find more about this on the Doom wiki.

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