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High Res Heretic menu picture...?

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One year ago I played Heretic with Doomsday Engine and 3D models and high resolution textures and so on... Then there was the day when my harddisc crushed and all the files got lost forever...

Nowadays I play with the original graphics, just with Skulltag and without any additional models or graphics. I'm very happy with this and dont want to play with 3D models again...but...

I remember there was a very cool, large and high resoluted picture of corvus fighting with the elven wand against some undeads for the main screen. Actually, it was the same pic as in the old, original 1994 shareware edition, but sharper and just greater. It had to be in a classic snowberry addon archive but i searched the whole web and couldn't find it. Anyone know what picture I mean?

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Sorry. I've never seen this, but if you do find it post here to show it, as I'm curious to see it.

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Gez said:

Probably not the box itself, unless it was retouched to remove text, but there might have been posters with that picture...

There's a poster with Heretic 1.0 - has the storyline and instructions on the other side.

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Indeed, the Doomsday hi-res version is probably that poster, or a scan of the box.

To the OP. You could have just downloaded the relevent pack from the Doomsday homepage ;)

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Click on the big "Addon" title, and it's part of the jHRP.

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