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Exporting and Uploading

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Hey people... a little help if you please.

I finished my map. Now what?

I can't get the "export map" function to work. All 3 default node builders crash and burn.

Obviously I can build and save and play the map, so that part of the process is fine.

(Side note: to get to the finished product, I had to bypass a Doom Builder glitch... after working on my map, and saving the map as I went along, Doom Builder, after several ok saves, would fail to save and it would report an error message. I had to bring up the back-up wads to continue working on the map. It was very irritaing and very anoying. Estimated number of times I had to resort to this "resurection procedure": 200. But... the map is now done, so we move on.)

Is it really necessary to go through this "export" phase to upload my map?

And by the way, just how do I upload my map. Where do I upload it to? How do I "release" it?

All help greatly appreciated.



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Don't bother with export map. I've never used it, just save the map normally, make sure the nodes get built (they should whenever you save), test it in whichever ports your textfile claims it's compatible with (i.e. if it's supposed to be boom-compatible or something, don't just test it in zdoom), and upload a zip with your wad and the textfile.

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