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The map is built, zipped, and uploaded to ftp.gamers.org.

If you liked aloha2x, you'll like this one.

Comments appreciated.


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Well that's nice, but until the next batch of wads gets fully added to the archives, it's not available to us unless you provide an alternate download link. If you want to post a thread like this you might want to include a description and/or some in-game screenshots so people can have something to look at before playing.

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I didn't know there was a cycle for incoming wads having a waiting period. Sorry.

I'm not too familiar with the various options regarding alternate download sites or posting screenshots, so I don't think I'll do that.

However, aloha2x is available and if you played and liked that wad, then I'm sure you'll like this one. The look and feel and concepts are consistent between the wads. For what it's worth, Doom Underground gave aloha2x a 4 rating.

Thanks for the post,


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I remember playing your old aloha999 a long time ago. It had its flaws but also some interesting things, especially weird and spacious architecture and some experimental touches. I haven't played the newer WAD that got a good rating in cph's site, though.

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Growing pains...

aloha911 was the first attempt... a 4-map wad for Doom. I haven't played it myself since I first posted it. I remember spacious rooms but not very good gameplay regarding intensity.

aloha999 was an 8-map wad for Doom. It played pretty much as a standard Doom wad in terms of looks and gameplay. I think my main goal here was to create the 8 maps... a whole Doom level. At the time it seemed an accomplishment. In hindsight, although parts and pieces were ok, it could have been much better. As I write this, I'm trying to remember the maps, and truthfully, I've forgotten most of it. Again, I think it could have been better in terms of intensity.

aloha2x was for Doom2 and it reflected much more of what I thought a Doom-like world could look like. Gameplay was a lot better than the two previous wads. Still, the tempo could have been better.

aloha777 will, I hope, satisfy the questions of intensity and tempo. I really like the visuals... you can see how it continues the look and feel of aloha2x.

Thanks for the post


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