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This is a rerelease and tidied up version of my old "Half-Life WAD revenge" that I uploaded a long time ago. Since the new file does not show up on doomworld.com/idgames yet, I will post direct links to it below.

Text file
Game file

If one looks this up on the Doomworld Idgames thing on DW's main page, CHOOSE the GERMANY mirror as that is the only one that was updated to the 2009 version.

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Mr. Chris said:

If you want some screenshots, feel free to ask.

What? Why don't you just post screenshots here instead of making people ask for them?

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speaking of which, is there any half-life mod that recreates doom, or is based on doom? I tried to do this some time ago (a mod with textures from doom), but pretty soon, the sheer number of lines i was seeing in hammer editor overwhelmed me.

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The only thing I don't like about it is the sky texture, the land part goes up pretty far and looks like you're inside a giant crater. Otherwise, its looking pretty good man.

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