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UDMF 1.1

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Good. Now get your ass to make UDMF support in Eternity, before DB2 is out (and yes, time is running out). It was your idea that spawned this, don't let it fail now.

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It's not like people are lining up to use EE UDMF. Right now I have a grand total of three people expressing interest in it to me.

I'm not saying it isn't important to me. What I'm saying is this:

1. There are some obstacles to getting it done that are still being worked on. Mainly, I need to rewrite EE's entire line action system.

2. There are other things we are working on at the same time. This doesn't exist in a vacuum.

So in short, it'll be done when it's done and I cannot promise anything more than that :)

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In the meantime, UDMF has ZDoom and Vavoom that support it already, and people are starting to use it for mods. So the format can afford to wait a bit for Eternity to catch up.

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