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Abandoned Granite Quarry

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I know how much this place loves thread bumping, so I'm posting this new thread:
Anyway, there was one legal urban exploration I did tape, and posted on YouTUBE Friday night, and annotated the crap out of it Saturday morning. It's a walk-through of an abandoned granite quarry, including views from mid-point, the top, and a really cool "Money shot" of the entire site (the first site), and the city view out.



To tell you, the massiveness of this place is far better in person. The drops, heights, and the like with YouTube compression don't really do this justice, but at least you get to see it.

A lot of this might be boring to most, but a lot of the video is solely to show the locals landmarks, how to get there, and other landmarks to get to site #2, and exit.

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Upstate NY has a bunch of abandoned quarries and mines that are now used as "redneck ranges".

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JohnnyRancid said:

rutabaga salad is a related video lol

Yeah, that made me go WTF.

Anyway, this is a little interesting. I watched the first part, might watch the rest later.

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The first part is more on how to get there, and some old horse-drawn carts. Part 2 is where the goodies are, and hard to see with the trees and YouTube compression, part 3 shows the second mining site, and the other entry/exit point.

To sum it up, part 1 is the dullest of the three.

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Neat stuff. This kind of thing I find fascinating for some reason. And Leominster? That's not too far from me; I'd love to check it out for myself at some point.

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Leominster, Massachusetts. (There IS a Leominster, England, so I had to point that one out.)

Hope you got very strong legs, that climb is very steep. That camera was never held cockeyed at any moment, that was the actualy hill angles, and I went straight up when accending. (Can you do 35-degree angles?)

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