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Proper dynamic lighting?

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I was messing around with dynamic lighting and there is something really annoying about it. Well the lighting is rather odd, it only seems to just be on the textures rather than change the color of the texture itself. It's over saturated, and the only way to even make it look half way decent is to tone down the lighting, but then it's almost invisible. It makes the textures all foggy and this makes it impossiable to do things like adding in spotlights without looking like complete and total utter crap. Look at this screenshot for instance:

It's a big blue fog instead of a light. Is there something I am missing here? Or is this it; GZDoom's dynamic lighting system?

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The best thing to do is either change the Z-height of the dynamic light (Z-height = current floor level) and insert it into the sector where the light source will be. If you want an example, reply. I'm not a professional with dynamic lights myself, but I believe I can solve the problem.

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If you want the light to be on the Light source (e.g. a light), to make it realistic (this is my method), you'll need two dynamic lights, as shown in this screenshot (yay for elite photoshop skill:-


Thing 1 has a z-height of 0, as it is the light that is being produced by the source. Thing 2, as it is the light source, has a higher z-height (due to the fact that the floor of this light sector is higher than that of the main floor).

This is the example in-game, look at the middle object (ignore the one on the far right unless it helps):-


Hope this helps.

NOTE: To make it uber realistic, you'll probably need more than 2 dynamic lights (if you're wanting to reflect the light of the walls that is).

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Thank you very much for your assistance, however, I believe that I did not properly explain my issue. Of which I just solved. heh. Had this issue for about two weeks, and I just solved it look at the difference:

At first I used PointLightAdditive as I thought just pointlight was a dummy thing used to define the others. Your advice will help me in the future however

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esselfortium said:

I actually like the foggy pointlightadditive screenshot more.

That was used for test purposes only. I replaced the light with white spotlights:

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This is going to be a long map series. It will include sightly modified versions of the "Beastiary" enemies to improve balance. Brand new "weapons" made from scratch. I say "weapons" because it's just really alternate ammo types that will completely change weapon behavior.

There will be two new ammo types in addition to the standard ammo (ammo types for bullets, shells, rockets, cells) also a universal ammo that will work with all weapons. Some ammo types include;

Tritanium Shards (bullets):
A shard of hard mineral that shoots out as a projectile due to being heavier and uneven shape. Upon impact, mini-shards fly out ripping into anything it hits. It does bonus damage to organic targets.

SJ ESC (Semi-Jacketed Exposed Steel Core(armor piercing)) bullets:
Like regular bullets but does 50% more damage to mechanized targets. Does regular bullet damage to non-mechanized targets, so it's rather a waste to kill a zombie man with it as opposed to a cyber demon.

Frag 12 Shells:
Inside these shells contains a mini-grenade projectile that explodes on impact.

Scmitr Shells:
Fires several fl├ęchettes in a tight pattern. Fires 14 projectiles per shell. Note that mechanized targets project some resistance to these.

Plasma Rockets:
Fires a rocket full of plasma based energy, upon impact, slow moving plasma projectiles protrude out of the explosion, they seek the nearest hostile target.

Napalm Rockets:
High explosive rockets that spews fire over a large area upon impact.

Prophax Crystals (cells):
Plasma Gun/Plasma Pistol: Fires a projectile full of unreleased radiation, upon impact, it projects a large, but low damage blast radius. Does not affect mechanized targets.

BFG 9000: Fires a super sized version of the same projectile, but upon impact it leaves a lingering radiation zone damaging all organic targets within.

Lightning Coils (cells):
Plasma pistol: Fires a basic elecro-bolt projectile that slightly homes in on targets.

Plasma Rifle: Fires a chain lighting projectile. If an target is hit, a second bolt will fly out to another nearby target up to 3 times.

BFG 9000: Fires a large ball of lightning that upon impact, will send several ground based electric entities that will seek out enemies. They cannot fly and can only hit ground targets.

Chainsaw: Lighting coils can be put into practical use on the chainsaw which simply increases its damage at the cost of ammunition of course.
note: electric energy causes more damage to mechanized units.

Dark Energy (all):
Dark energy is the main focus of the story as it was subject to experimentation. It is demonic essence that can do literally anything. It can be altered into numerous forms. Towards the middle of the game, the player learns how to manipulate the energy and can use it in his weapons. Later, the player learns how to collect energy from demons.

Hands/Fist: Used to heal oneself.

Chainsaw: To be decided, NEED IDEAS!!!

Pistol/Chaingun: Fires magic bullets that pass through enemies indefinitely, also the bullets reflect off surfaces.

Shotgun: Fires a large spread of energy projectiles.

Super Shotgun Fires four large energy projectiles accommodated by several small projectiles.

Rocket Launcher: Fires three magic missiles that seek targets.

Plasma Pistol: Fires a high damage energy blast.

Plasma Rifle: Shoots out an entity that looks like a swirling pocket of energy, that fires red plasma bolts at targets until destroyed or after 30 seconds. When destroyed there is a blast radius.

BFG 9000: Fires a large bomb full of tortured spirits who attack their former tormentors in revenge.

There will be several items added as well, including new armors and upgrades to max health.

I will implement Unreal style sky boxes into my maps to add to realism. Levels are emphasis on atmosphere and unique design concepts.

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Wow, man, this sounds like a huge mountain to climb. Are you sure you can make this happen, knowing that most failed mods are because they were too abitious? I really hope so, it seems like a good set of ideas.

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Moshman said:

This is going to be a long map series. It will include sightly modified versions of the "Bestiality" enemies to improve balance.

I think you meant Torm's "Beastiary". I'm not sure I want to know whether there really is a "Bestiality" site for Doom monsters; Impse is bad enough already.

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Gez said:

I think you meant Torm's "Beastiary". I'm not sure I want to know whether there really is a "Bestiality" site for Doom monsters; Impse is bad enough already.

Um... Yes, it is "Beastiary" as opposed to the other thing, lolz for spell check follies. :P

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Gez said:

I think you meant Torm's "Beastiary". I'm not sure I want to know whether there really is a "Bestiality" site for Doom monsters; Impse is bad enough already.

Need more Impse :P

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