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Recommend me some lava-themed maps.

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I have this odd fascination with Scorched Earth-type levels with shitloads of magma/lava, desolate and dead lands, dried up vegetation, and so on combined.

Anything for any port, single player recommended, though if there's a multiplayer map you'd like to recommend, feel free to. :D

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NeoDoom is for ZDoom or Doomsday. It has lumps in the wad for both port's. As far as I know, it's the only wad that uses non-boom port specific features, to do such a thing.

On topic though, theres the first half of EP2 of Heretic.

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Well the houses.wad i made years ago has allot of lava in it. But the WAD was also my first WAD and thus terrible :(

I think some of the late TNT maps had some lava in them.

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Many levels in TUTNT (The Ultimate Torment and Torture created by Tormentor667) have a sort of lava theme, or contain a lot of rocky, barren land that may be of interest (requires GzDoom).

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esselfortium said:

Some of the maps towards the end of Scythe 2 are incredible and should fit with what you're looking for exactly.

Yeah, Map 26 & 27 I think definitely fit

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