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Wad in the making: Asphyxiation

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Hello Doomworld, this would be my first post I suppose. Anyways now, I would like to show you guys my single level wad that I'm currently working on, bearing the title 'Asphyxiation'.

There is a whole lot of work to be done, the map will be made for ZDoom. Having loved the PSX Doom, I plan on using colored sectors in the map, always had a fetish for them. Along with scripting, there will be new textures, sounds from PSX/D64 versions too along with ambient music to boost the atmosphere. I am unsure of how long it will take to complete, anywhere from a week (unlikely) to a month or maybe even more. I don't want to rush this unlike my previous wad. I am eager to see the end result of this wad.

Here is the link to the WIP page, along with screen shots of what I have done. Let me know of your opinions and suggestions. http://www.wadsinprogress.info/index.php?a=listwads&wad=1240

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Weird, I guess it hasn't had the time to appear on the site yet, just posted it about 15 minutes go. Well here are some screenshots for now until the wad shows up on WIP.

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Heh, don't look too bad, though you got a little abusive with the blue lights in the second shot :)

I love the custom hud, too. It will certainly help remind me to keep my allergies in check.

edit: aww, you changed it :(

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