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Graphical glitch in my wad because of doombuilder?

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I have a problem with doombuilder. Sometimes, when I make sistersectors and/or split a sector in two, I get these graphical glitches where in vanilla doom2 they are shown like this(sorry 'bout the colors... The SSs seem to end up like that.):

and in doombuilder 3d-mode they might look like this:

Now what I'm guessing is that I've screwed up something when I created the sectors which look like this in 2d-view:

I'm new to doombuilder so I don't know how to fix this.
Previously(many years ago) I used WadEd (by Matthew Ayres! :)) and would've been able to fix it because I could always use the "make sector" function within drawn lines. I really miss this "make sector" function that WadEd had... It seems crazy not to have it. How DO you guys manage? Am I missing something here?

I've tried using the "find map errors" function, but there are none. I've also tried moving the vertices and lines around to see if there's anything overlapping, but it doesn't seem like there are.

The next step I'm gonna try is to delete and remake every single vertice in the area where I have this problem, however, that's a ludicrously tedious job to redo all the vertices every single time this problem appears, especially considering the amount of detail I'd like in my wads, so basically what I'm asking is: Why does this happen and what's the quickest way to deal with this?

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In the screenshot at the top it looks like tearing, which is a common problem with Doom rendering. If you move around a bit (view it from a different angle) it should disappear.

The second screenshot are common holes in the ground caused by an inaccuracy of Doom Builder or the nodebuilder. You can ignore these, they are not the problem.

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When there are more of the big holes and black lines in 3d-viewer there's more tearing ingame. Are you telling me there's no way to get rid of the tearing completely in doom builder? They appear when I play the game and it's kind of annoying. Do you at least have any tips on how to avoid it?

I'm positive I could make tear-free wads in WadEd by using the make sector function and jerking/redrawing the lines and deleting stacked lines and vertices whenever I discovered tears ingame. This doesn't seem to be possible in Doom Builder. Am I right?

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I know that it isn't doombuilder's fault that it happens, cause I did encounter this problem in WadEd all those years ago aswell, I only feel I was able to do more about it. I realize the topic can be misleading.

Anyhoo, thanks for the link, it answered some my questions. Thanks for the help and sorry to bother you.

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