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Changing the level that accesses the secret level

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As we know, Doom has hard-coded in the source code which level one goes to after completing the secret level. Because of this, it's problematic to put a secret exit on any level besides the level the secret exit is supposed to be on (for example, in Doom1, you basically have to put the secret exit in E1M3 because one goes to E1M4 after finishing the secret level).

Are there any source ports where one can specify which level one goes to after finishing the secret level?

Another thing that would be nice is to take this further, and have it possible to have any exit go to any level; this allows things like quests where, if you go through door A you finish the megawad as E1M1->E1M6->E1M7->E1M8, but if you go through door B, you finish the megawad as E1M1->E1M2->E1M3->E1M4->E1M5->E1M8

- Sam

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I'm pretty sure most of the modern source ports can do that. It's definitely possible in ZDoom, where you can at least put it in a script. Run the script from the secret exit switch and it will go to the level you specified in the script.

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